Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Utah Runner Girls 13.1 RR

Saturday I ran an all girls 13.1.

Very small (130 total) race in Alpine, Utah.

I originally had a long run scheduled in Training Peaks.  Ended up not having to work this Saturday, found this race, so T and I decided to race this half.

Time: 1:34:40 / 7:14 **PR
Total Assent: 957
Avg HR: 166bpm

Warm up - Little under 2 miles nice and easy with 4X10 sec strides
Took 1/2 GU 5 minutes before start

Miles 1-3: 7:57, 7:15, 7:14
First three miles T had told me to stay around marathon pace. Then I could build on that to strong effort. I thought I did this but clearly did not after mile 1 :S. Mile 1 was a hill but 2 and 3 were VERY downhill.

Miles 4-8: 7:30, 7:09, 7:41, 7:26, 7:32
All rolling hills. I started passing girls that took off way to fast in those first three miles before the hills hit. Mile 8 I took a 1/2 GU and water.

Mile 9: 8:02 Huge ass hill
Dropped 2 girls on this hill putting me in 4th and was less than 100 yards from 2nd and 3rd which stayed this way the remainder of the race.

Miles 10-13.1: 7:33, 7:25, 7:34, 6:42 
Starting at mile 10 you would repeatedly start descending, get all excited that the inclines were over with, then the course would take a 90 degree turn and you'd be climbing again.  Mile 12 had the last hill! Dude kill me... haha My love for hill repeats was mocking me by this point in the race.  At the end it was a little annoying where the race joins the 5K. I may have gave a few people some 'love taps' that wouldn't move. :) That last downhill mile I felt like I was on fire and pushed hard to finish under 1:35 Missed top 3 by 10sec!

Cool Down:
4 miles really easy

* Really happy with this race. PR on an unaided course, woo!
* I was noticing once I reached the top of each hill, I was able to recover super quickly and pick the pace back up.
* Fun and organized race for how small it was. Cheap, awesome swag bag, cute t-shirt, and fun atmosphere.

I have not blogged since Lake Stevens. Still been training! 
Getting ready for TOU 26.2
figuring out my 2013 goals, and 
a new 'Specialized' love is in the works ;)