Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Ironman St George 70.3


My #1 favorite bike course in 70.3's. Gorgeous. Challenging. Fun! Rode a bike course PR today.  The bike felt strong and effortless and awesome.


I typically pee 2 times on the bike in a 70.3.  Today... 0. Possible hydration issue? (tmi ). I drank according to my race plan.  I don't know if I drank enough for the higher temp's.


Zoot! Rudy Project! Garmin! 3 amazing companies that I'm so lucky to be apart of.


Wake up time: 3:47 a.m. Time Goal: 4:XX.  Finishing Temp: 94 :(


 The # of gels taken throughout the day. 1: pre-swim 4: bike  0: run = 5  My stomach wanted nothing to do with any nutrition after the bike.


Mile  6 on the run was the worst.  To be honest, the run was a bit of a shit show from mile 2 to finish. As much as I tried to push, the 'Iamsofreakinghotkillmenow' voice in my head seemed to be on repeat!  Getting off the bike I knew all I had to do was hit a 1:45 to dip under 5 hours.  Was not in the cards today...Disappointing run.


My placing = 7th....  6 spots off of my goal.


After the initial swim as fast as you can to find some clear water start... 8 is the number of strokes I took between each sighting. Happy to report I finally managed to stay in line with all of the buoys!

I recently switched to Roka F2 goggles. Amazeballs.  Large, no leaking, and my favorite part is the various lens colors help accentuate buoy colors.  (big deal for my bad eyesight!) I went with the Dark Vermilion Mirror and had no issues with the sun.


I saw my amazing support crew throughout the race 9 times!!! My dad, Clyde and Bob drove me out to the race start.  Right before I got in the water, Bob gave me - The Best motivation/get-your-ass-in-gear/bring-out-the-beast speech!  Then they were able to get to spots on the bike/run course.  Means so much to me.


This was my 10th 70.3.  First one being in 2012. Fastest being in 2014.  oh the journey...

I allowed myself a few days to be upset over this race.  All the pieces are not there yet.  I still have many more hours of work to do; both athletically and mentally.  But thanks to my support crew, I can put this race into perspective.  I am nowhere near where I want to be.  But this is my journey Building My Machine and 
I KNOW that my best is yet to come!!!!!!!