Friday, March 27, 2015

TT & Icebreaker Sprint

Rapid Cycling in St George hosted a Crit Series this year.  One of the stages being a Time Trail which I had to get in on!  What would be more fun than 10 uncomfortable miles at balls-to-the-wall effort??

I was a little nervous jumping into an event full of hard-core cyclists.  Clyde arrange to have his good friends help me get ready at the start which was aaaaaamazing! They helped me get the trainer set up to get my warm up in, gave me the perfect get ready to suffer motivation speech, and to top it off were out there during the ride! SO dang nice!!!

Success # 1 of the day was not tipping over while I was being held at the start line before I was sent off! I was probably most worried about this :)

From the first pedal stroke I went into suffer mode and was able to stay focused throughout the 10 miles.  We had drove the course prior, but those hills were felt in the legs a little more than I had anticipated.  The last two miles really hurt - which they should! I just put my head down and hammered.

***Note to all you newbies... when you hear 'put your head down and hammer,' you do NOT literally put your head down! First of all, you can not see where you are going.  Second, putting your head down literally creates a wall out of your aero helmet  #lessonlearned Keep your head up :) :)

When you can find an emotion that sets something off within yourself, it can be super useful in a race setting.  Find what triggers you and use it to your advantage!  Came across the finish line and headed out to finish off the rest of my workout.  Thanks Coach T!

Finished 1st in my Cat and 7th including the boys ---► Rocky was most excited about that part :)

1st AG
2nd Overall

I also raced in the IceBreaker Sprint Tri on March 21st.  I've done this race the past two years and it is hands down my favorite Sprint!  RaceTri knows how to put on a solid race.

Going into this race I had written down my goal of breaking my course time (0:59.57) and take the overall win.  Guess what?! In life, things don't always go the way you plan.

We drove up north early enough to pick my packet up, set up transition, and get in my warm up.  This year we brought the trainer.  I probably looked like an idiot with it.  Seriously loved having it though.  It was pretty dang cold first thing in the morning so it was nice to warm up on the trainer without that wind chill. 

I don't have too many details to share.  I felt really good throughout the race, my body just did not respond like I had thought it was going to.  Other than the bike split, I don't think that the times are indicative of what I am capable of.  

So with that being said ONWARD!

trusting in MY plan.