Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snowy Valentines Run :D

I had a break at work so I decided to get my run in for the day.  
Came back SOAKED
Probably one of my funnest runs to date.  
Snow running is my new favorite!
Running mascara... whoops:)

Happy Valentines Everyone!  
It is my favorite holiday  :)
you don't have to hate it & be bitter because you have no significant other ....
or, that you think it is just another commercialized Holiday

it is about showing those in your life that mean the most 
you love and appreciate them!

Random Find- New favorite song:

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Leaving some in the tank & Sherry Run!

I love being exhausted, feeling pain... pain to the point that you are about to break, but pushing through it … I love when you finish a run with your heart beating extremely fast, your body incredibly exhausted, and feeling as though you gave EVERYTHING you are capable of.   

At this point, you have nothing left in the ‘tank’.

I LOVE that feeling. It makes me feel accomplished and confident and fulfilled!
I am still learning that EVERY work out can not be like this.  You can not go to complete exhaustion during every solitary run…bike…swim. It is mentally challenging and frustrating for me.  I get so antsy thinking I should have tested the limits, pushed harder, FASTER, went longer, and pressed on a few more miles.  Focusing on making sure I am not back on the injured train is hard!

I didn't have pins.. Duct Tape worked:):)
Enough of that rant :D  
My run today was like many of yours, in honor of Sherry.  There were also two men that went missing a couple weeks ago in my town and were found dead… my thoughts were for both Sherry and these two men families during my run this morning:

10.05 Miles
15' @ 9:51 Warm up w/ drills-A,B Skips, Butt kicks, knee highs
35' @ 9:39
8' @ 9:27(most of this was going up a hill), 3' rec @ 10:06
8' @ 8:18, 3' rec @ 10:21
8' @ 7:59, 3' rec @ 9:21
9' @ 9:25 and 3' walk CD

Beautiful plant a customer gave me... Now if I just don't kill it :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

SLC 26.2 No Director??? & Brooks

I got the opportunity to try out these FREE new Brooks:

 I am not supposed to say much about them yet... but they are freaking awesome. 
They make me feel springy when I run.

So now I am currently rotating all three pairs: Brooks, Saucony Progrid Kinvara 2, and Asics Gel-Speedstar

Did anyone here the news about the SLC Marathon?

Director resigned and financial problems...  
Anyone know if this race is still going to happen???
SLC was my first and most favorite race! You'd think where 2013 will the the 10th anniversary for the race someone would step up and take the lead on this situation.

MY feet are wanting to raceeeeeeee. I don't know if I can wait until April! =)