Monday, August 29, 2011


 So lets recap last week:::::

Monday: 2.4Mile Run, 60Min Bike, 3/4 Mile Swim
Tuesday: 5Mile Run, 60Min Bike, 20Min UBWeights, 1/2Mile Swim
Wednesday: 7.1Mile Run, 60Min Bike, 10Min Abs, 1/2Mile Swim
Thursday: 7Mile Run, 1/2Mile Swim
Friday: 60Min Bike, 20Min LBWeights
Saturday:12.2Mile Run
Sunday: 20Min UBWeights

Last Monday I decided to do a mini tester on the legs.  As the week progressed, I still felt great, so I slowly increased the miles.  Total mileage, not ideally where I would like to be in my training... BUT - SO SO SO happy to be running again.  It is pretty sad when people at work have already notice by my 'change in attitude' :D (Yes, I admit, I can be a hag when I cant run)

The past 25 days of no running have been filled with cross training - mostly focusing on biking and swimming.  I honestly think it has helped me so much.  I plan to continue this.  I really use to HATE diving into the pool or jumping on a bike... now I am more accustomed to it and liking it.  Even considering to try a TRI after my marathon. 

Have a FAN FREAKING TASTIC week everyone!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011


 Weekly Recap:
Monday- 60min bike, 20min abs, 1 mile swim
Tuesday- 60min bike, 30min weights, 1/2mile swim
Wednesday- 90min bike, 3/4mile swim
Thursday- 60min bike, 3/4mile swim
Friday- 60min bike, 5 min Abs, 1 mile swim
Saturday- 60 min bike, 5min Abs
Sunday- REST

>>>Sneak peak at some new gear. I had a gift certificate that got me these goodies!! Reviews to come soon.  

I have decided that I WILL cross the St. George Marathon finish line.

Yes, my injury may prevent me from rocking this FIRST marathon
Yes, I will have to run A LOT slower than what I am capable of
Yes, I may have to walk a portion of the race

The past month I have been getting so down on myself for the lack of running; but yesterday I realized, there are so many races in my future... if I don't focus on healing now, those races too may be in question.  SO--- I will continue cross training like a CRAZY woman.  I will slowly start building up running miles.  I will TRY to stay positive.

I will have let go of the sub 4 expectation I had set for myself for 
St. George and just going to focus on finishing!!!   

Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Week Recap:
  • Monday: 60Min Bike, 10Min Abs, 3/4Mile Swim
  • Tuesday: 60Min Bike, 30Min Weights, 1/2Mile Swim
  • Wednesday: 80Min Bike, 20Min Weights
  • Thursday: 60Min Bike, 1Mile Swim 
  • Friday: 90Min Bike, 1/2Mile Swim
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 60Min Bike
Why is it I still feel laZZzzzzy???

I stepped on the TM today to give my leg a try - No go.  (MAJOR THUMBS DOWN) The pain did not kill like it use to... but I could still feel it.  I know if I push it to soon I will be back to square one recovering.  Today will be the 16th day since I ran last and it feels like it has been months!!!!!!!!

St.George is in 7 weeks --- Do you it is unrealistic to be ready for it???

Making sure I get enough protein on a daily basis is a little bit of a struggle for me.  Committing to a Fruitarian Diet a protein supplement is necessary.  I have experimented with SO many different types of protein mixes until I found SYNTRAX Check out these stats on the product:

I have been drinking the Fuzzy Navel flavor which is YUMMY!  My sample pack with the other 13 flavors came in the mail this weekend:  Once I try all of the flavors I will do a review. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Non-Running Week 6

Week 6.  Still no running :( Booo.  My legs are aching for some mileage.  No matter what variations of work-outs I do; I still feel like I am being 'lazy' and not working out hard enough.  I don't get that heart pounding, exhausted, blissfulness from anything other than running.  OK, enough bitching - last week recap:  
  • Monday: 30min. bike, 3/4mile lap swim
  • Tuesday: 60min. bike, 1/2mile lap swim, Hypertension Sit-ups
  • Wednesday: 1 Mile Swim
  • Thursday: 60min. bike, 1/2mile lap swim, 12 min abs
  • Friday: 60min. bike, 10min abs
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 30min Weights, 1 1/2 hour cardio 

I was checking out the Pace groups for the St. George Marathon on the CLIF Website HERE>>> and they had on offer to register with their site and they send you a free sample box. This is what arrived in mine.  I don't eat the bars; but way excited to try that new flavor 'TROPIC PUNCH' bloks.   
 Have a great week everyone!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Race Report - Crandall Canyon Half

Back in 2007 the Crandall Canyon mine in Utah trapped six miners and then 10 days later collapsed a second time killing 3 rescuers.  This race was in their memory.  VERY fast down-hill course and is the highest ½ marathon in Utah starting just under 9000 feel elevation.  (Can you say lack of oxygen???)

I could not sleep ALL NIGHT – nerves were killing me.  Not nerves to run the race, nerves to run the race pain free.  Woke up around 4:30am, dressed, ate my banana, headed out the door.  30Min drive to packet pick-up.  This was a smaller community race – still a lot of positive energy.  Buss's left right on time for the ride up the canyon.  (Funny side note: 3 buss's full of runners: 75% of the buss's full of 10K’ers & 5K’ers, and about 15-20 people running the ½ marathon)
(These photos do not do the canyon justice of its B-E-A-Utifulness)

As we started our incline up the canyon it was getting cooler and cooler.  This made me smile.  We reach the top and see this>>>>> 

 By the time we get to the top almost all of us had to pee.   

Quick pee and to the race line we go. 
  • Mile 1 8:47
The second we took off I could feel the pain in my groin.  Major negative thoughts running through my head – I knew from this point unless I stopped and gave up: this would be a mental challenge race/ not a physical one.      

  • Mile 2 8:17
Came around to electric lake.  Started practicing my mantras.  Breathed in the cool, crisp air, and smiled.  (Until I caught a bunch of mosquitoes in my mouth – note to self, when doing a race in the mountains, bring bug spray :D)  

Mile 3 8:39
Decided to slow down my pace.  Pain was not hurting ‘as bad.’

Mile 4 8:45
Contemplated giving up here. I have NEVER EVER stopped running on a LR until I am finished – well shit, first time for everything.  Walked for about 20 seconds, and then started back up.  I just kept telling myself, you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to.  Mind over matter.  

Mile 5 9:18
Mile 6 9:36
Mile 7 9:58
Mile 8 10:11
Mile 9 10:32
How about those speed splits! UGhhhh I was getting so upset with myself.  I kept getting passed.  Probably shed a few tears. My pace continued to drop.  The pain continued to kill. People kept saying ‘you can do this’ – (THIS SOUNDS MEAN I KNOW) but I wanted to scream at them I KNOW I CAN or I wouldn’t be running.   

Mile 10 9:25
Mile 10 I realized this negative talk was not helping.  I took out my ear phones.  Tuned into the river and rhythm of my shoe hitting the ground.  Swallowed a GU and took off.
Hows this for a constipated look? HA

Mile 11 9:41
Mile 12 9:25
Mile 13 9:34
Mile 0.10 8:01           
Seeing the finish line was probably the happiest moment of my life – well not really; but I was so relieved to get off my leg.  Such a bitter sweat feeling.  I had the ‘runners high’ I always get; but I was so frustrated with my time and with my body.  I want it to reward me with the hard work I put into it; not let me down. 

-So for me, it is back to swimming, water jogging, cross training, ice baths, and foam rolling until my body decides to grace me with its running abilities once again. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 5 & 61

Week 5 'groin issues'
  • Monday 55 Min Weights, 1/2 Mile Swim
  • Tuesday  55 Min Weights, 3/4 Mile Swim, 5 Min Abs
  • Wednesday 30 Min Bike, 15 Min Elliptical, 10 Min Abs, Water Ski, Light Swimming
  • Thursday Water Ski, 1.5 Mile Swim(First OWS)
  • Friday Water Ski, 15 Min Water Jogging
  • Saturday Crandall Canyon 1/2 Marathon
  • Sunday REST
 (Stay Tuned for Race Report :D )
  • The 18th Prime Number is 61
  • 61 is the Chemical Element 'Promethium'
  • The code for international dial phone calls to Australia is 61 
  • The official length of an ice hockey rink must be no more than 61 meters. 
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's was selected as the 61st best love stories film

MOST importantly... 61 Days until Saint George Marathon

 After the whole pulled groin issue I stayed away from running for 9 days.  Swam all of those 9 days.  Ice Bathed for most of them.  Stretched. Foam Rolled. Stretched some more.  By this past Saturday I was feeling good.  No pain - so I decided to give my scheduled half marathon a 'GO'.  BAD IDEA FOLKS.  I am getting so nervous that I keep putting myself back further and further in my St George Marathon training.  61 days today is all I have left...Advice???