Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Snow Canyon Half Marathon Race Report

Snow Canyon Half Marathon 1:26.46
5/176 AG, 14/717 F, 69/1912 OA... PR :D

Spent the weekend in St George for work and raced the Snow Canyon Half.  Rachelle's boyfriend was nice enough to drive us up to the start and it was freezing... perfect race weather! We had just enough time for a quick warm-up with Josse were off.

Miles 1-3: Plan was to take the first 2 miles at a set hr zone then progress from there.  Josse and I didn't make it up to the front in time so we had to do a bit of weaving in and out of people during mile 1.  Noticed a head wind through this section but everything felt comfortable.

Miles 4-8: Beautiful section of the course through Snow Canyon.  There was a younger kid named Spencer who was running the tangents very well so I stuck with him and we ended up running together until the end. Took a gel at mile 7.  After 7 is when the rollers start and I was still feeling very good all the way up to the end of mile 9.  

Miles 9-13.1:  Running through the Entrada neighborhood was harder than I expected it to be.  I would pull us up the inclines and Spencer would pull us fast down the descends.  Working with him helped a lot.  Saw my awesome dad at mile 9 and I remember mile 11 being the toughest for me so when I noticed the pace start to drop here I took gel #2.  

I love that this race finishes on a track.  The track always gets me fired up and I was able to out kick 2 girls in the last 50 meters.  Huge shout out to Rachelle with a 1:17 finish ->she is on fire!!