Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 3/10 Recap and Inspiration Photos

Week 3/10 
Goal Miles and Goal LR = 45, 16 
Actual Miles and LR = 50.35, 16

10.15 Mile Run, Push-ups. Today's run was tough... tough runs make you really appreciate your great runs. 
9.00 Mile Tempo Run, 60 Minutes Easy Cycling (Trainer) with fast intervals on the commercials
10.0 Mile Run,  Push-ups
OFF, 45 Minutes Total Body Weights
16.00 Mile Run AM,  25 Minutes Cycling (Trainer)PM - Shake out on the afternoon for my legs.  First 3/4ths of my long run today was wonderful - the last about 4 miles I was running directly into some intense wind.
5.2 Mile Hilly Run,  65 Minutes Cycling (Trainer), 10 Minutes of Tabata HITT cicut
40 Minutes Cycling (Trainer) Speed Intervals, 25 Minutes Weights with 10 Minutes of Tabata HITT circuit.  My legs really wanted to run today - but... I was already over my set mileage for the week so I decided to stick to the plan.

Have a great week everyone!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 2/10, This Is My Strong

Goal Weekly Miles & Long Run: 35-40 and 15
Actual Weekly Miles & Long Run: 50.10 and 15.5

11.15 Mile Run, 20 Min. Abs/Pushups 
 8.05 Mile Run (Hills), 10 Min. Cycling Trainer Cool Down
 10.05 Mile Run, 40 Min. Cycling Trainer (Intervals), Pushups
Build The Machine
REST 3/4 Mile Swim, Abs/Pushups
15.5 Mile Long Run, Pushups
This long run felt wonderful. Took 1 date at mile 7.5 which was all I needed to fuel the rest of the run.    
60 Min. Cycling Trainer (Intervals), 15min. Abs/Pushups
5.35 Mile Easy Run, 60 Min Cycling Trainer (Intervals), 35 Min. Ttl Body Weights + Abs

  • Continue to focus on negative splits - All of my runs were!
  • I am LOVING running in the cold weather.
  • I really like not having a 'set' training schedule.  It allows me to listen to my body and respond accordingly.     
  • I have decided cycling on the trainer is a MUCH better workout than on the road.  Especially the interval video I have been doing... hot sweaty mess. 

Have you all seen this part of's webpage?  
You can make your own 'THIS IS MY STRONG' shirt.  
They are not expensive + all shirt profits go to Run For Good Foundation.  

This is what mine would be... what words would you use??????


Monday, November 14, 2011

Week 1 AZ & Birthday

I am approaching Marathon #2 a little differently.
  • Set weekly goal miles instead of day-by-day:  Last marathon training I would get frustrated with my plan – some days my legs just wanted to GO LONGER or do a different type of speed work than what my daily calendar had me planned for. So, this marathon I set weekly goal miles and the # of miles for my weekly long runs.  The rest of the days I can ‘do whatever’ my body is feeling.
  • My legs have really been responding well to taking a nice and easy bike ride after my long runs so I will continue this.
  • Cross training (swim/bike/weights/yoga specific), compression gear, and high amounts of protein has really helped me recover
  • Continue focusing on negative splits for ALL my runs
***I have to keep reminding myself to follow the set plan.  I always want to increase the mileage to fast and end up getting injured.  NOT this time. Accepting lower mileage is not being weak, it is smart.

Week 1:
Running Miles Goal           30 Miles with a 13 Mile LR
Actual                               34.8 Miles                          
Monday: 0.40 Mile Run warm up (Foot Pain), 20 Minutes Weights Legs + Abs
-Awesome Raina from Small Town Runner had told me to write my ABS’s with my foot to help with ankle pain.  I got RIGHT ON practicing my ABS’s while sitting at my desk and it has helped significantly.

Tuesday: 10.2 Mile Tempo Run, 40 Minutes Cycling, 30 Minutes Total Body Weights + Abs (Foot was slightly hurting until about mile 7)

Wednesday: 6.2 Mile Easy Run, 55 Minutes Cycling, ¾ Mile Swim

Thursday: Rest Day, ½ mile Swim

Friday: MY BIRTHDAY 15 Mile Run (Finished this run really strong… I wanted to continue but I had to get back to work)

Saturday: 60 Minutes Cycling Trainer  - Intervals

Sunday: 20 Minutes Cycling Trainer, 30 Minutes Ttl Body + Abs, 3 Mile Shakeout Run

Turned 25 years YOUNG this past Friday.

My birthday was great for me.  I am not your typical extroverted social bug so my day consisted of:

Productive day at work, nice long run, dinner on the couch watching Stossel and Cavuto, and most importantly…

My dad surprised me with THIS:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Training Log & Winter Motivation

10 Mile Run, 40 Minute Bike, 30 Minutes Upper Body Weights + Abs
9.15 Mile Run
10.10 Mile Run, 3/4 Mile Swim, 20 Minutes Total Body Weights + Abs
11 Mile Run, 80 Minutes Bike
1/2 Mile Swim
60 Minutes Bike, 30 Minute Upper Body Weights + Abs

  • The last 2 weeks, all of my runs have been negative splits. Something I have really been trying to work on.
  • Biking and Swimming I slacked off on...whoopS 
  • I have felt constantly hungry ALL week long. - Driving me crazy.
  • Didn't get my long run in this week.  After Fridays run I started to feel a little pain in my left ankle.  (What exercises do you do to strengthen your ankles?) I decided it was better to rest it the rest of the week instead of make anything worse. Plus I wanted to be fresh and strong because.... 
Today I start my 10 week training plan for 
Rock N' Roll AZ =)

A little motivation to still get out there and BUILD YOUR MACHINES in this cold weather...
I figure people ski while it is snowing, so I sure as hell can run while its snowing too! =)