Monday, May 30, 2011



TIME: 47:57:01
 PACE: 7:44

Day before the race, my Garmin decided to freeze.  After many ‘soft and hard’ resets; I call tech support.  Normal person – calm and collect me – frantic.  After almost crying to the innocent Garmin representative we come to the conclusion that my replacement will not be here for a week. Great :(

The fun continues when I wake up to slightly windy and raining weather.  Trying to stick with my ‘LG’ (life’s good) motto I get dressed and my dad and I head out for our hour drive to the start line of the race.

I have myself an orange in our truck before jumping out into the cold weather.  Vitamin C energy rush >>>> I was READY! One of my favorite parts about participating in organized races, no matter the size, is the surge of positive energy and enthusiasm from all the participants and supporting family and friends. This memorial 10K measured up.  Rain stopped and to the race line I went---

The first 2 miles were FREEZING. Uphill-head on wind. BURrrrrrr

Between mile 2 and 3 we changed directions and my speed picked up (well… I am assuming).  I didn’t have my Garmin to track; but I felt faster and was passing people. At mile 4 a runner I was playing tick-tock with the whole race, I asked what pace we were at… either she was ignoring me or had her music turned up too loud… but at that point  something kicked in me and I RAN… fast. I didn’t stop with that speed until I crossed the finish line.  
 Overall a great day and most importantly a new PR!  Congrats to everyone crossing the finish line... 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Morning Recap

Sat 21       9 Mile Run
Sun 22     17.10 Mile Hike                     
Mon 23    4.2 Mile Run
Tues 24    Intervals @5-12% incline 3 miles + 20min weights + 10min stretch
Wed 25   3.3 Mile Run + 45 Minute Circuit Train + 10 min stretching
Thur 26    6.1 Mile Semi-Hilly Run + 10 min stretch
Fri 27        REST… 30 minutes stretching/foam roller     

Spending my Memorial Day Weekend at a 10K Race tomorrow (hoping to PR), planting my landscape for my home, and working. Oh… I shouldn't have to mention a long run will be thrown into the mix, right? :D

Have a great weekend everyone and good luck to those racing!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My life is a marathon…

So why not run one? After completing the Salt Lake City Half Marathon this year, I can say I am officially addicted to RUNNING!  This Monday May 30th 2011 designates the official ‘start’ to my training for the 26.2 miles in St. George, Utah. **Got in my first try**

After being a blog stalker, I decided to start one of my own.  A way to track my marathon training progress and a good source to channel my random thoughts that are running a million miles a hour in my head  

Marathon here I come!!