Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aero Bars and An Accident

Lets start with the good news:
Profile Design Legacy Aerobar

I was having some major issues with the gears on my new bike, took it to my local bike shop, they fixed the problem and put these bad boys on complimentary for the inconvenience:
I realize I have no photography skills
IN LOVE.  I have honestly increased my avg speed about 2mph - SCORE.

Now the bad news:

Yesterday I was finishing up a long bike ride after work when an inconsiderate driver decided to not look both ways before pulling out in front of me.  I thought he saw me so I sped up, he proceeded and the side of his HUGE ASS truck hit me. My thought process after hitting the ground:


2 - If I can not run the marathon this weekend I am going to kick this huge guys ass Hanna style (**movie**)

3 - Turn off the Garmin so my time is accurate. 
Clearly you can see what is priority in my mind? 

Funny thing, the guy did not even know he hit me... he thought I 'fell'.  I really wish people would pay attention when they drive.  Anyways, he wanted to take me to the hospital, I don't believe in present day medicine, so I opted for a ride home.

I am so thankful there was no oncoming traffic or I would have been toast.  My dad tells me it is a good 'learning experience'... sure Dad - how about teaching me this life lesson next week, AFTER my marathon.

This morning I have a swollen knee, shoulder, and hip... some gnarly gashes and bruises but I am ALIVE :D My Dad does not think I should race; but I have put way to much time into this to not.  Set backs do not determine outcomes.  If I have to cross the finish line limping, you bet your ass I will :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Recap. and Bib #

Monday: 3 Easy Running Miles, 10 Minutes Abs, 1 Mile Swim.  Foot was hurting while I ran... Stopped after 3 miles.
Tuesday: 2.2 Easy Running Miles (foot still hurting), 40 Minutes UP Weights + Abs, 1/2 Mile Swim, 70 Min Cycling
Wednesday: 1/2 Mile Swim, 85 Minutes Cycling
Thursday: 65 Minutes Cycling, 3/4 Mile Swim
Friday: 35 Min LB Weights + Abs, 1/2 Mile Swim, 65 Minutes Cycling
Saturday: 80 Minutes Cycling
Sunday: 120 Minutes Cycling
After trying to run on Tuesday, I decided it'd be better to stay off the foot and actually get to run the marathon rather than making it worse. As of this morning, I have a TINY bit of foot pain.  Kept up the cardio all week to try to save the endurance I've built up running.  Please pray to the running goddesses this goes away by Saturday :)

Have a great week everyone! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tapering Review

Tapering = No Bueno.  I am getting nervous already
26.2. Sub4. I.CAN.DO.IT!

5Mile Run, 45Min Upper Body Weights, 90Min Cycling, 3/4Mile Swim
8 Mile Run, 65Min Cycling, 3/4 Mile Swim
5 Mile Run, 60 Min Cycling, 1/2 Mile Swim >>> (Foot Sore Again)
30Min Lower Body Weights, 105Min Cycling, 1/2 Mile Swim
20 Min Abs, 50 Min Cycling, 1.1 Mile Swim
80 Min Cycling
140Min Cycling

After my run on Wednesday, that pain in my foot has slightly come back.  Normally, I'd just push through it; but with St George 2 weeks away, I took a mini break on the running front for the remainder of the week.  Does anyone know what this foot issue could be? Everything online I can find says 'shoes tied too tight' ....which I know is not the problem.  The only time I feel any pain is when I put pressure on the ball of my foot. This morning I went on a run and it was 99% gone...

Less than 1 year ago I starting Running.  At first, running was another means to work out... burn some calories.  I NEVER imagined I would get so addicted to this sport.  It has transformed from a work out to a lifestyle.  It is honestly all I think about.  Lately, my mind has been wondering to the idea of triathlons.  2 weeks after the marathon is the Lake Powell Triathlon.  I registered for this bad boy today!! Olympic Tri Challenge here I come!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Syntrax Protein


Due to a series of constant injuries, I narrowed down the culprit = nutrition. I was not getting enough protein for my muscles to recover properly. I don’t know why it never clicked in my head before...

In the investment world it is totally clear to me. 
If you want to reach your investment goals you need to consistently SAVE!! 
DUH Christie, same principle for your body. 
If you want to reach your fitness goals you need to consistently FUEL!!

I still practice a Fruitarian diet about 90% of the time, now with protein focus.  After many trials and errors I found: SYNTRAX

Here is what the site says:
  • 23 freaking grams of protein!
  • WHEY protein
  • 0 FAT
  • 0 Carbs
  • NO sugar
  • Gluten Free
  • ONLY 90 Calories
  • Digests so easy
  • 8% of Daily Calcium

I opted for the flavor variety pack.
 (Scale: 1-5)
  • 1/5 Apple Ecstasy: Tastes like apple liquor! Yuck
  • 5/5 Cappuccino: YUM!! Rich taste. 
  • 4.5/5 Caribbean Cooler: Not quite as sweet as a Pina Colada. 
  • 3.5/5Chocolate Truffle: Chocolate flavor not very strong.  It would probably taste better with milk. 
  • 3/5Crystal Sky: Ok, Not tart: flavor kept will until the end
  • 3/5Fuzzy Navel: Tastes like an orange smoothie
  • 1/5Lemon Tea: If you like tea this would be good.  Not my Fav
  • 3.5/5 Pink Grapefruit: Not sour like I expected it to be.  More like Pink lemonade.
  • 2/5Roadside Lemonade: Watered Down Lemonade :(
  • 5/5 Strawberry Kiwi: YUM explosion in my mouth.  A little tart; but I like that. Mixed very well. 
  • 2/5Strawberry Mousse: This would have gotten higher rating if I wouldn’t have put so much water. 
  • 4/5 Twisted Cherry: Tastes great! Very fruity flavor. 
  • 5/5 Vanilla Bean Torte: I mixed with Power Aid Zero and it was SO yummy.  Tasted like a dream sickle. 
Negatives: VERY Foamy at first – To prevent this, I mix it up and wait about 5 minutes.

Monday, September 12, 2011

20LR, New Addition, and Team R.P.

Lets Recap::

I knew that I had my first 20 miler so I cut my mileage back on the running front during the week.  Training went a little something like this::::: 
- 60 Minutes Cycling
- 30 Minutes Upper Body Weights
- 3/4 Mile Swim
- 8 Mile Run
- 60 Minutes Cycling
- 15 Minutes Yoga
- 1/2 Mile Swim
- 7.1 Mile Run
- 10 Minutes Abs
- 70 Minutes Cycling
- 60 Minutes Cycling
- 30 Minutes Lower Body Weights
- 1.1 Mile Swim
- 35 Minutes Total Body Weights
- 10 Minutes Foam Rollin'
- 1/2 Mile Swim
- 20 Mile Long Run!!!!
- 20 Minutes Easy Cycling
- 15 Minutes Stretching/Foam Rollin'
- 60 Minutes Easy Cycling to loosen the legs up

Saturdays 20 Miler was such a confidence boost.  When I heard the chirping of my Garmin at the 20 mile mark - PURE EUPHORIC BLISS! I can not believe less than 3 weeks ago I was not able to run.  I now feel like I can kick St. George's ass (which is 19 days away if you were wondering).  My legs seriously felt amazing after the run, super quick recovery.  The only side note today the TOP of my right foot is SO SO sore... like I cant stand on my toes sore.  This happen to anyone???? Remedies?? Notes from the run:
  • Dates are officially my go to fuel.  I ate 1 at mile 7, 13, 15, and 18.  
  • I should GoogleEarth my runs before hand to check out elevation >>>>>>>>>>>
(this was not ideal terrain for my first 20 miler)
  • Mile 17 seems to be my 'Wall' : Mantras break down that wall though!  
  • Running as the sun rises is one of the most amazing feelings
  • (SUAR) was genius in cutting off socks for temporary CHEAP arm warmers   


This AWESOME GUY - Jason, gave me some wonderful advice to pursue Tri's.  One being head on to my local bike shop for some help with my first bike purchase.  They were great and helped me find something in my budget while still being effective for what to do.  Newbies - you should know

CAUTION: Cars do not watch out for you, be forewarned (my biggest fear now!). Again thanks Jason!!

Lastly - I know this is not a political blog: but I am pretty obsessed with Ron Paul 
and this sticker arrived over the weekend :D

Monday, September 5, 2011

Strong Week Recap

Monday: 14.2 Mile Run, 1/2 Mile Swim, 10 Min Stretching

Tuesday: 8.4 Mile Run, 30Minutes Upper Body Weights, 1/2 Mile Swim, 15Minutes Bike

Wednesday: 5 Mile Run, 40Minutes Bike, 15Minutes Yoga, 3/4 Mile Swim

Thursday: 8 Mile Run, 15Minutes Yoga, 1 Mile Swim

Friday: 60 Minutes Bike, 20 Minutes Yoga with Ab Focus

Saturday: 17 MILE RUN! (My longest run thus far)

Sunday: REST

I feel strong and confident after last weeks training.  It feels amazing to be running again and I have really enjoy mixing in cross training with my running - I hope this serves as a huge injury prevention!

Nerves were getting at me all week in anticipation of my LR... but I pulled those 
17 miles and could not be happier.  = )
I tried a new fuel plan on my long run that I would highly recommend you giving a try:

Instead of using these >>>>>>>>>>>>>

I would suggest using..........................................

DATES! I first got the idea from Michael Arnstein, (AKA The Fruitarian).  The man is amazing to say the least - - Anyone who can run a 100 mile ultra then win a marathon 2 days later knows a little something about fitness!

These little gems have several health benefits you can Google about; but most importantly, they are an ALL-NATURAL fuel boost.  On my run, I found them to be very easy on the stomach and an almost instant energy boost!!