Monday, August 26, 2013

This time of year... Vegas here I come!

Race day is 13 days away.   
Which means taper time…. 
Which means blogging time to occupy my ‘I want to be training, not resting’ mind!! 

I remember this time of year, last year, getting a text from Coach T about considering  
qualifying for the Worlds 70.3 as a goal of mine for 2013. 
Big goal… I’m game! 

Reaching that goal in St George was amazing and the rest of the summer has been all about training hard, racing smart, and learning lots to lead me to a great race on September 8th.   

Vegas is going to be very windy, and a lot hot, and plenty hard. Championship race worthy... I think so! :) Tough courses make for tough athletes, right? I am such a numbers person… quantifying everything is something I do without even thinking about it.  NOT for this race.  No time expectations going in.  Don’t get me wrong, I want to have a fabulous race, but my #1 goal is to leave everything I have on that course.  I am so excited to race with some talented ladies and all I want, is to cross that finish line feeling absolutely spent.


This time of year is also when I decided to change my life.  Two years ago I committed to letting go of an awful lifestyle and began ‘Building My Machine.’  Recently, I finally feel like I have gotten to a point that I am not ashamed or held back by that past ‘life.’  A couple weeks ago at the gym, a young man I didn't know asked me if I would talk to his mom about her weight issues since I have been able to overcome mine. This was a real 'aha' moment for me. I have overcome them. I can admit to it without being ashamed.  I can help others now.  Changing your life is freaking HARD no matter what the adjustment you are making.  You can have amazing support like my dad, coach, and cousin but that doesn't simplify the change.  Throughout the two years I was always teetering back and forth, so owning my new ‘changed’ life never seemed honest and genuine.  But now, NOW I feel like I have gotten to a point to use that weakness as fuel instead of a weakness rendering me from my potential.  Finding strength in that weakness, Akhilandeshvari! Fueling my fire within. 

“If it isn’t something that’s physically stopping you, then it’s mental.  
So, is your mind going to be your weapon or weakness?”

You better bet that fuel will be my weapon in Vegas!