Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Work Stress & Last week Recap

I have been crazy busy at work the last 2 weeks!!
Ahhh....Stress makes workouts even more enjoyable though :)

Today during my lunch break, this random man came up and asked me if I raced Triathlon.  Now, lets just say I lack in the confidence department, so this made my FREAKING day. :D I know I am FAR from looking like a hard core athlete but I am getting rid of that scrawny looking body - I am starting to look STRONG.  

Anyways - I might have found me someone to do some long cycling rides with on the weekends.  He is lives about a hour out of town; but travels to my area every so often.  

Last weeks workouts: 12.35 Hours
- We have 1 more week of prep work before we up the ante to train for SLC 26.2 and Lake Stevens 70.3
- I've noticed most improvement and increased in comfort in swimming over the past 2 weeks.
- Still running painFREE.  We are going to keep the miles/pace low for 1 more week to make sure my hip is all the way healed. Then increase mileage here I come:)
- Lastly, I freaking LOVE Teresa. She has 100% exceeding what I was hoping out of a coach. (The only thing I wish, is that I lived closer so she could kick my ass in person:D)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly Recap & Biking in the Cold

First week training with Teresa:
  • Swimming is 100% more enjoyable now that she has me incorporating different types of drills and techniques as opposed to staring at the bottom of the pool-free-style the whole time!
  • Saturday, I woke up super early and did not want to wait for it to warm up (about 10degrees) - my 'robbers' mask was all I needed to keep the cool off my face
  • SLOWLY getting back into running. So far - PAIN FREE :D The miles do not compare to my 50+miles/week like before BUT I have to keep reminding myself that this time I am training smart!   

  • Tomorrow is my rest day - so... I have an appointment with the PT to have the 'Graston Technique' done that he was suggesting.  It will only be $35 until I get my insurance in 2 weeks! 
  • I know everyone is talking about it BUT the Olympic Marathon Trials were so inspiring to watch! Did anyone else cry as they crossed the finish line? :) 

Today a family member asked me 
'Once you have finished the race, are you going to stop working out so much...'

Really made me think - I do not look at each day as 'training'. My mind set has really changed from seeing what my family calls a 'workout' to now
a way of life. 
As long as I can help it, this life style will NEVER stop. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I am going to be working with Teresa
She is Owner/Coach/AMAZING athlete of TN Multisports
I received my first workout schedule from her and super excited to get started. 

Also - I ended up conning a PT into letting me in without a doctors referral.  GOOD thing I did. I guess I had a 'pelvic drop' which lead to me running on uneven feet.  He popped it back into place and I had instant pain relief!  He recommended coming back a few more times because I have very tight IT bands and wanted to try a 'Graston Technique'?? ... I will have insurance in February so I will wait until then and make some appointments to see him.      

Here is to a successful, 'BEASTfully' and injury free 2012 =D

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Wheels

Aly is sporting some thinner tires! =)


My LBS told me to be careful with the brakes... He said that the breaks on a Hybrid bike will wear down these tires quickly if I am not careful. He also said, sometimes people experience the smaller gears of a hybrid bike, as compared to a road bike, can not keep up with these smaller tires.  Has anyone experienced this before?

Happy weekend to you all!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Snowless January and News

How is it January in Utah and I am still working out in shorts, OUTSIDE?!

Found a PT that would see be without a doctors note - SCORE. I see him today.


I have some
Exciting news to come! ........
Going to be working with someone fantastic in 2012 :D