Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Ironman St George 70.3


My #1 favorite bike course in 70.3's. Gorgeous. Challenging. Fun! Rode a bike course PR today.  The bike felt strong and effortless and awesome.


I typically pee 2 times on the bike in a 70.3.  Today... 0. Possible hydration issue? (tmi ). I drank according to my race plan.  I don't know if I drank enough for the higher temp's.


Zoot! Rudy Project! Garmin! 3 amazing companies that I'm so lucky to be apart of.


Wake up time: 3:47 a.m. Time Goal: 4:XX.  Finishing Temp: 94 :(


 The # of gels taken throughout the day. 1: pre-swim 4: bike  0: run = 5  My stomach wanted nothing to do with any nutrition after the bike.


Mile  6 on the run was the worst.  To be honest, the run was a bit of a shit show from mile 2 to finish. As much as I tried to push, the 'Iamsofreakinghotkillmenow' voice in my head seemed to be on repeat!  Getting off the bike I knew all I had to do was hit a 1:45 to dip under 5 hours.  Was not in the cards today...Disappointing run.


My placing = 7th....  6 spots off of my goal.


After the initial swim as fast as you can to find some clear water start... 8 is the number of strokes I took between each sighting. Happy to report I finally managed to stay in line with all of the buoys!

I recently switched to Roka F2 goggles. Amazeballs.  Large, no leaking, and my favorite part is the various lens colors help accentuate buoy colors.  (big deal for my bad eyesight!) I went with the Dark Vermilion Mirror and had no issues with the sun.


I saw my amazing support crew throughout the race 9 times!!! My dad, Clyde and Bob drove me out to the race start.  Right before I got in the water, Bob gave me - The Best motivation/get-your-ass-in-gear/bring-out-the-beast speech!  Then they were able to get to spots on the bike/run course.  Means so much to me.


This was my 10th 70.3.  First one being in 2012. Fastest being in 2014.  oh the journey...

I allowed myself a few days to be upset over this race.  All the pieces are not there yet.  I still have many more hours of work to do; both athletically and mentally.  But thanks to my support crew, I can put this race into perspective.  I am nowhere near where I want to be.  But this is my journey Building My Machine and 
I KNOW that my best is yet to come!!!!!!! 


Friday, March 27, 2015

TT & Icebreaker Sprint

Rapid Cycling in St George hosted a Crit Series this year.  One of the stages being a Time Trail which I had to get in on!  What would be more fun than 10 uncomfortable miles at balls-to-the-wall effort??

I was a little nervous jumping into an event full of hard-core cyclists.  Clyde arrange to have his good friends help me get ready at the start which was aaaaaamazing! They helped me get the trainer set up to get my warm up in, gave me the perfect get ready to suffer motivation speech, and to top it off were out there during the ride! SO dang nice!!!

Success # 1 of the day was not tipping over while I was being held at the start line before I was sent off! I was probably most worried about this :)

From the first pedal stroke I went into suffer mode and was able to stay focused throughout the 10 miles.  We had drove the course prior, but those hills were felt in the legs a little more than I had anticipated.  The last two miles really hurt - which they should! I just put my head down and hammered.

***Note to all you newbies... when you hear 'put your head down and hammer,' you do NOT literally put your head down! First of all, you can not see where you are going.  Second, putting your head down literally creates a wall out of your aero helmet  #lessonlearned Keep your head up :) :)

When you can find an emotion that sets something off within yourself, it can be super useful in a race setting.  Find what triggers you and use it to your advantage!  Came across the finish line and headed out to finish off the rest of my workout.  Thanks Coach T!

Finished 1st in my Cat and 7th including the boys ---► Rocky was most excited about that part :)

1st AG
2nd Overall

I also raced in the IceBreaker Sprint Tri on March 21st.  I've done this race the past two years and it is hands down my favorite Sprint!  RaceTri knows how to put on a solid race.

Going into this race I had written down my goal of breaking my course time (0:59.57) and take the overall win.  Guess what?! In life, things don't always go the way you plan.

We drove up north early enough to pick my packet up, set up transition, and get in my warm up.  This year we brought the trainer.  I probably looked like an idiot with it.  Seriously loved having it though.  It was pretty dang cold first thing in the morning so it was nice to warm up on the trainer without that wind chill. 

I don't have too many details to share.  I felt really good throughout the race, my body just did not respond like I had thought it was going to.  Other than the bike split, I don't think that the times are indicative of what I am capable of.  

So with that being said ONWARD!

trusting in MY plan.




Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dogtown Half

Dogtown Half Marathon was my first of the year, 'dust the cobwebs off the race legs' race.

About 30 minutes before the race was to start, it was explained to me that the first mile of the course was to start different than I expected.  Up a hill... Giddy Up time! :)  I warmed up nice and easy, did some drills, strides, and then lined up with just a few minutes to go.

First 0.6 was the climb, and then up until mile 9 was rolling/downhill.  A portion, around mile 5, had a pretty rocky/trail portion that I am happy to report I did not trip on.

The last miles of this course are pretty dang tough.  Your legs are already fatigued so the climbing at the end is not exactly something to be desired... especially Majestic Hill!

I knew going into this race it was not going to be a PR course - BUT, I have never run a stand-alone half where I did not lose focus in those last few miles.  That was my main goal.  Stay focused.  And I did :)

1:32:08. 8th Female. 1st AG

This race decided to 'go green' and not have cups at the aid stations. so dumb IMO. I was very lucky to have Clyde meet me in spots throughout the race to run with me for a minute to give me my Water/Gu's.  (Gu'd at 4.7 and 9 - H20 at 4.7, 9, 11).

After, I ran a little cool down, awards, and then headed for a recovery swim. I CAN NOT pass up swimming in the lap pools when I am in St George.  We then decided to go check out the new Crit Series Rapid Cycling is starting up this year.

Holy. Fun!

The entire time I wanted to be racing with Rocky!!  TT bikes are not allowed at the stage we watched BUT, in a few weeks, the next race is a 10 mile time trial that may need to be add into my schedule :) :):)

Sunday before heading home, I had a long ride on my schedule.  Weather did not look promising but decided to tough it out.


Lets just say badass status was EARNED on Sunday :)

Rule #9
// If you are out riding in bad weather, it means you are a badass. Period.


I can not wait for my tri's to start up!!!  First one will be the usual Ice Breaker Sprint Tri in March!


Monday, January 12, 2015


a few ♥'s

Elite Minds & Train To Win
must reads. i keep one of them on the dash of my car. quick motivation.

Winter Cycling
amazing how much warmth you get from shoe covers and a robbers mask.
Velominati Rules #5 & #9  
while reading those↑ rules... check out #20. it's a good one.

(the shoe covers I got are these. water proof & fleece = warm toes)

Soft HR Monitor
just pay the extra money for the soft HR monitor. besides the hard one always breaking, it hurts to wear... meaning i often would 'forget' to wear it.  this soft one is worth the $$

Swim Toys & Long Sets
this band! these paddles. loving my swim sets lately... up to 8000!

Closet Organizers
not just for closets! 
i basically live out of my car so these keep me somewhat less messy.

speaking of Shoes
Solanas: Zoot was on point with this one. perfect everyday trainer.

Ultra Race: my go to speed-work shoe.

Ultra TT's: best race shoe.

bathroom.office.car.bedroom.kitchen.gym. filled with little daily reminders & symbols ...

My GoalsSay YesBreatheHabitsFuelTheMachine 

onsie for the win! found this in the kids section for 4.99!!! 
perfect for post-freezing cold workouts. and... i mean the Grinch, awesome☺☻☺

i am determined to continue moving forward with my nutrition. MoreFuelLessFearFoodsEnhancedRecoveryEnergyyyySTRONGATHLETE 

Getting ready
longer swim sets in the AM = less get ready time. a few products that i've found to help speed up the process.  

Loreal BB Cream.  this BB cream hides my post-swim goggle lines, apply just with your fingers and doesn't need a powder.  add some mascara and you are good to go. super quick and easy! my skin has been clearer not wearing foundation every day too.   

between the chlorine water, running, and the wind from biking my hair is always a tangly mess! about a month ago i started using Bed Head After Party & Loreal Serum and it's been 100 times better.   

mean, disloyal people.
creating a positive environment is not only key for progress in sport, but life.
rid all negativity.

loving MY ♥♥♥Support Crew♥♥♥


Friday, January 9, 2015

its that time of year...

i want to put out into the universe my goals for 2015. 




share them to make them 'real.'

AG win STG 70.3
Umeke Bowl

Swim.Bike.Run HEREWEGO!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Off Season.

Off Season.

Last year my kind of Off Season was sneaking in runs. Adding on, say... 25 extra miles to an already strenuous venture through the Grand Canyon. An occasional 'oh whoops, I have no idea how I ended up biking that many extra miles.' Guilty!  

This year, as hard as it is for a stubborn-always-on-the-go-do-not-want-to-slow-down-hard-headed-do-it-my-way-girl, I truly took time OFF.

Like off off. Like absolutely nothing. ZERO. and guess what...

I liked it    > HA!, HATED every second.  But I did survive :)  

T continues to help me see... 

'Training hard is easy; recovery takes courage and confidence.'  

↑ Maybe that is why I have such a tough time with the whole recovery thing.  Confidence is hard to be had.  It is for me anyways.  I was reading on another blog that said many people see 'training hard as a sacrifice.. but for me that is where I thrive.  Sacrifice comes when I'm asked to not do the things I love and RELAX.'

Relax. Recover. Rest.  Really, it is pretty damn simple.  This whole process is actually pretty dang easy when you have the confidence to follow the rules.  

Step 1. 
Work your ass off.  Build your body up! GO GO GO. Harder harder harder.  Push the body past your limits... 
            (side effect→ broke down)

Step 2. 

Step 3.  Repeat. akhilandeshvari 

... you know what is not included in THIS chain of events? Injury.  I plan to keep it that way too.  Anyways: 

Fitness was lost.  
Weight was gained.  
My mental sanity was tested.
Body rejuvenated, rested, and ready.      BACK TO STEP 1! 

Few things I've been up to

T-3 Turkey 5K

Winter Sun 10K

Some good things to come in 2015!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Carving my path: Mt Nebo - Triple Summit Report

“As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.” 

The past couple weeks I have found myself in a funky mood.  I think between post 'Ironman Blues'  (yes, it is for REAL) and some unexpected changes with friendships, I've been having a hard to being the positive Christie that I usually am.

So-   Being 'off-season' I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take Sr. Thoreau's repeated 'single footsteps' advice and revisit the highest peak on the Wasatch Front.  

Mt Nebo is comprised of 3 main peaks.  In order to complete the 'Triple Crown,' you need to summit each one. Elevation range 6500-11,900, 7700 gain, ~19 miles   

'South to North Route'

We started bright dark and early at Andrew's Ridge trailhead.  

The trail leading up to the south peak immediately starts out steep.  We were with headlamps for the first few miles and managed to wonder off the trail for ~.5 mile.   

This meant hacking through some scrub trees and thorny bushes.  (Hate that!!!)

Yes I am still sporting my IM Wristband :D
Once we worked our way up the switchbacks to the ridgeline, all three peaks were in clear view.  Summiting the south peak is not technical whatsoever but it is steep and you can feel the lack of oxygen.  

Signed our names in the book at the top and headed for #2. 

We traversed along the west side of the ridgeline.  This area had a few scree-covered slopes to ascend/descend... nothing too bad.  A little bit of snow here and there as well.  

I remember back in 2012 being pretty dang scared of falling down the cliff on this section.  This time I was nowhere near as nervous.

 At the top of #2, we spotted a group of massive mountain goats.  Sweet!!

Last year, we took the west trail to reach the final summit.  Today, we decided to make our way to the top of North Peak staying right on top the Ridge/slight East side.  

It felt great making it to the top of the final climb!

 Highest point on the Wasatch Mountains

After having a lunch break, we started our descent.  It is a little rocky.  
Nothing difficult enough to be called 'scrambling' though.  

 Once down that initial drop off, all the hard work was done.  It was just clicking off the miles back to the car... step after step after step.  

After we hit the Monument Trailhead, we walked under a mile on the road before dropping down (more bush beatings to the body, yikes!) to the river bottom where there is a well defined trail (Salt Creek). This area along the river is freaking gorgeous!  Full tree coverage, saw several deer, quiet and peaceful.

Really great day! Finished off with a huge high five with my dad!!  I think it is funny how drained you can be after something like today but also recharged at the same time.  

..I approached the bottom of this massive mountain feeling small and down.  After several steps forward and several positive thoughts, I left feeling optimistic and higher than Mt Nebo!