Monday, March 31, 2014

Starting 2014, Icebreaker Triathlon

was how my 2014 started. The time when fresh starts, goal making, motivated and eager to start working athletes are ready to get going again after 'off season'... my body told me to STOP! 

Injuries suck.  Being held back by our own bodies is never fun.  Life has a funny way of breaking you down just when you think you have figured things out... akhilandeshvari!  The first two’ish weeks when I couldn't do anything (even swim) I was not the happiest camper J  It took those weeks for me to realize this 'IS WHAT IT IS' – what I needed to do was focus on the things I COULD do while injured.  So that being said, the first quarter of the year I definitely missed out on some initial season build up, specifically my run training has suffered, BUT what I chose to spend my time focusing on was my swim, being a stronger biker, and strength training. 

Now back and gearing up for St George 70.3, Teresa and I decided the Icebreaker Sprint Triathlon would be a great way to kick off the 2014 season.  I raced this event last year and although I finished a little slower this go-around, I am happy with how I raced!

My father and I drove to American Fork the morning of the race.  After I picked up my packet, I did a quick warm up, set my transition area up, and headed to the indoor pool.  Warm up included a ride checking gears with a few surges and a easy jog with strides.

Swim: 300M
The swim start is self seeded and last year I noted that I started too far back in the line.  Based on the ladies registered, I knew there were 3 very fast female swimmers so my plan was to line up right behind those three.  I ended up getting right behind the 3 and the BAM/SLC Tri guys which worked out perfect! Exited the pool feeling good and my heart rate was not super high like it usually is.  Hit the wall in 5:34 - Huge improvement from last year!

Quick T1

Bike: 12Miles
Double loop course basically uphill, downhill X 2.  I felt really strong on the bike and dismounted at 31:42 so about the same as last year (31:56). Colder this year and wind... my toes were pretty dang cold starting the run. I clearly do not pay attention to things going on around me because I guess I almost got his by a car going into T2 and do no remember it at all, Yikes!:)  Here is a clip...  

Run 3.1Miles
Quickly in and out of T2 ready to run!  The course is up a nice hill mile 1, flat, then back down to the finish.(21:08)  I definitely felt the lack of speed work during this run and is where I lost the minute from last year (20:08).  Crossing the finish line, Amanda was finished before me and I thought she had won because of my slow run time... turned out the bike saved me and took first overall female. 1:01:11 

The race directer of this event is a super nice guy and takes care of all his athletes participating!  Always awesome to have my dad there to support me out on the course.  Love this event and was the perfect way to start off the 2014 race season!