Monday, May 6, 2013

St. George 70.3 Race Report

2/48 AG, 41/731 Female, 227/2699 Overall 
Qualified for Worlds 70.3 :D

Absolutely amazing day!  This course was the hardest, hottest, most mentally challenging thing I have ever done, and it hurt… a lot, I’d say about 77.77% of the time; but, I loved every second of it.


Pre race- 

5 days before I made sure I was getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night, upped my carbs, increased fluids, and practiced visualizing the race. Breakfast day of was oatmeal, coffee, 4oz Powerade Zero.  Walking to the buses I finally felt calm for the first time all week and just really ready to race.  We were bussed up to Sand Hollow.  Hearing others chat about their abilities always messes with my head so as soon as I started to hear this, I put on my earphones and didn’t take them off until it was time to swim.

Swim 35:35 (1:50/100) 11th out of the water

I was in the 4th wave.  Right before I got in, I took 1/2 a gel.  They let us jump in 1 wave before we were to start to warm up & swim out to the first buoy.  It was coldddddd.  Dave Cox told me to help adjust my core temperature, bob up and down for about a minute before even trying to start swimming.  I watched everyone rush out to warm up while I bobbed, then I did my short warm up with about 20 fast strokes.  Decided to start on the front line. The start is always a bit of a cluster-mess kicking battle.  Going out we were facing the sun and I couldn’t see the buoys so I just spotted swim caps, then making the left turn everything was clear.  I ended up staying right in line with all the buoys, didn’t stop once, & never really crashed into anyone.  Exiting the water you run up the ramp to the strippers.  So awesome to have them… they get your wetsuit off in about .07 seconds! Woot. Came out in 11th  place ready to go catch me some girls.

T1 2:01 

The day before, I went out to transition and practiced running up the ramp to my bike.  I counted 20 rows, so come the race, I didn’t have to worry about searching for my bike, I just counted to 20 and ran right to my bike.  They made us put all of our gear in bags instead of getting to lay it all out which I thought would add a bunch of time but it really wasn’t that big of a deal.

Bike 2:41 (20.86mph) 1st on the bike!!

I was so excited to tackle this bike course.  I feel my strength on the bike is climbing so this course was perfect.  It went by so fast.  The whole bike I swear I had a grin on my face.  It felt 'comfortably hard the whole time.  Gel’s were not agreeing with my stomach today… The first one I took came right back up. So I made sure to get in all of my liquid calories and took just small amounts of gel every 5-10 minutes.  Totals were 64 ounces of Powerade Zero with Powerbar Perform, 1 course bottle Powerbar perform, and 4 gels 


T2 1:58

Going into T2 my legs were not wanting to move. Put on my Pure Connects (used ziplocks this time which were so quick) grabbed my stuff and put it on as I ran out of transition.

Run 1:44 (7:58).  2nd on the run

I had a goal going into this race to hit around a 1:30.  What I ran was one of my slowest half marathon times and one of my hardest earned.  Normal Christie would be so upset with this pace…but I am not at all :) This run course is insanely hilly as it is, add in running it after swim/bike... with 90 degrees heat and you are in for a challenge.  I honestly never felt ‘great’ during the run.  I was never able to get my heart rate under control... something to work on.  I dedicated certain miles to different people and that helped me keep focus.  Keeping mentally focused is what this last portion of the race is all about or you will totally fall apart.   Every mile there was an aid station! So nice… I would take 1 water throw over my head, take a sip of hot coke, then grab 2 sponges and hold them in my hands.  The coke was working perfect – why don’t they have this on marathon courses??

When I crossed the finish line I just hugged the volunteer for a few minutes because I was worried about falling over. Not even knowing my time or place, I was honestly so happy.  I gave this race everything I had and that was what I wanted. I did not want to have anything left in the tank!  Race times were updated about 5 minutes later, found out I qualified for World’s… seriously no words. I still can not believe I really accomplished it. All I can say is it is amazing what you can do when you set your mind to something.    
The funny thing about accomplishing ‘big’ goals you set for yourself, is that once you do, you realize how ‘little’ that original goal was and how much more capable you just might be. 

So incredibly thankful for all the support I have.  I have the best coach, hands down.  My dad, Walter, and my mom were out on the course all day! So freaking awesome of them. My cousin surprised me at the finish line. Rachelle has been the most amazing friend throughout this journey. Volunteers on the course were incredible. And everyone else…  just freaking awesome!

 so excited about what the future holds...
'BIG' goals in the making.