Although I LOVE RUNNING - Hiking is another passion of mine.   
My father and I starting getting into the sport in 2009 and absolutely
fell in love after we summit Mount Pfeifferhorn. 
I guess you could say we formed an addiction to ‘get high.’  
Exploring the peace of nature, discovering untraveled paths, bouldering
massive rocks, jumping over logs, straining through insane elevation
changes, and pushing our bodies well past exhaustion always leaves us in a
euphoria state.   We always joke that we are going out to ‘get high’…
(don’t worry - neither of us engage in the use of illegal substances:))  
 People think we are CRAZY; but we continue our weekly
tradition of a 20 mile (on average) hikes to experience that
exhilarating feeling that’s hard to find elsewhere.

  • Mt Pfeifferhorn
  • Twin Peaks
  • Lone Peak
  • Mt Timpanogos
  • Grand Canyon – ‘Rim to Rim’
  • Grand Canyon - R2R2R
  • Goblin Valley
  • Buckskin Gulch
  • Little While Horse/Bell Canyon/Ding &Dang
  • Mt Elliot          
  • Mt. Nebo (2014) (2012)
 Countless Hikes in the areas of:
  • Price
  • St. George – Snow Canyon/Ivans
  • San Rafael Swell
  • Little Grand Canyon
  • Goblin Valley 
My 'To Summit' List
  • Mt. Nebo (Utah)
  • Kings Peak (Utah)
  • Mt Superior (Utah)
  • Mt. Rainier (Washington)
  • Pikes Peak (Colorado)
  • Mt. Washington (New Hampshire)
  • Mt. Rainier (Washington)
  • Aconcaqua (Argentina)
  • Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
  • Mt Kosciusko (Australia)
  • Carstensz Pyramid (Oceania)