Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Training Weekend and Pacing in St George

Training weekend in St. George

Had a wonderful weekend.  Warmer weather, running in shorts, awesome training, and fun time with new friends!  It has been so dang cold where I live so it was super nice to pack up and get out of town for the weekend. 

Kicked the weekend off pacing St. George Half Marathon, 1:40 group.  Finished 1:39:55.  I love pacing.  Such a wonderful feeling helping people reach their goals.   

Super cute girl, Lauren, came up before the race and wanted to sub 1:40.  She looked so strong the whole time and totally crushed her goal... so proud! Ran a cool down with Rachelle and a few others getting me a little over 17 miles for the day. 



After the race went to the Washington Rec Center and had a nice swim workout, in an actual lap pool! Oh how it would be to regularly swim in this facility.   

Sunday biked the 70.3 course.  Teresa had told me to just get out, experience the course, and that is exactly what I did.  No tough efforts, just getting to know what I am going to be up against.  I was worried about getting lost but the course is pretty straight forward. Everyone duct tapes course directions to their arm right?! ;) 

Lots of climbing along with some fun, speedy descends.  Climbing snow canyon was not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.  Don’t get me wrong, legs were burning; but I expected it to be a bit longer.  It was awesome making it to the top and then zipping back down in aero was fabulous.  I might have chicked a male cyclist going up who was decked out head to toe in expensive gear which Made.My.Day;)

 Got a flat at mile 50 so I didn’t get the entire course in.  Called Rachelle to do a T-run with me.

The run course is No.Freaking.Joke. So dang hilly.  Our first mile was a 8:40!! Rachelle reminded me we were going up a 9% grade. Awesome to have here there for the run portion.  She pushed me and we finished strong with a 6:16 mile that felt controlled! 

This weekend was such a confidence boost that I needed. 
I feel so much better about my training for STG now. 
3 months out!