Monday, June 16, 2014

Ironman Kansas 70.3 Race Report

Ironman Kansas 70.3
4:54:47, 2nd AG, 3rd Amateur, 17th Female

We stayed about 20 minutes from the race start in Topeka.  The weekend accommodations were pretty dang awesome. Renting homes instead of hotel rooms is the way to go! 
Restored mansion. Fabulous owner. Quite, home-like feel.  

We arrive Thursday evening. Spent Friday/Saturday going through packet pick-up, getting wheels on Rocky, final pre-race rides/runs, and most importantly VISUALIZING my race plan!

Race Day

We arrived at Clinton State Park right around 5am.
The start of this race is a little clustered so GO EARLY.

There is about a 2 mile walk from where you park to the race start, so I would suggest not checking your bike in the day before so you can ride it to the start. 

Dad got me that new Rudy helmet! LOVE.

Calmest I have been pre-race.

I felt ready.

Quickly got T-1 set up
Gels Taped.
Powerbar Perform In.
Shoes/Helmet/Glasses Out.

Swim 36:29

Lets just wrap this section up with more swim time for Christie is needed :) 

Relatively calm water. Heading out I felt pretty good... coming back I guess I decided I wanted to swim some extra and got out of line about 777.77 times!

Transition 1 went smooth... BIKE TIME!!

Bike 2:40:05

First - Kansas is not flat.
I definitely underestimated that :) That being said, this bike course is my new favorite of the 70.3's I have done so far.  Pretty, rolling countryside with short, challenging climbs.     

70.3 bike PR for me :)  

Perceived Effort.  That was how I rode this course. Initially, my watch was messed up and my HR/Watts were not where they were supposed to be.  I had no clue of my mph. distance. time. Just Rocky and I grinding it out.

Pulling into T2 I was told I was in 6th place - Time to get my RUNNING on!

RUN 1:34:37

Teresa told me... first 2 miles EASY then descend.  I use to be a balls-to-the-wall kind of girl which = blowing up at the end of every race.  NOW - I practice patience and get to finish strong

I loved this 2-loop run course (another 70.3 favorite).  It is not Boise 70.3 FLAT but nowhere near St George hilly.  Crowd suppord is amazing.  You run through little ups and downs with the only significant climbs being at miles 3/10.

Downhill I focused my vision down. Leaned forward.  Picked up my turnover.

Uphill I got up on my toes, calmed my breath and pumped my arms.

The REAL hurt came around mile 9. Somehow, my mind went into a trance, I focused, and everything around me seemed quite as I pounded out those last miles.

Crossing the line I had NO clue of my time until my dad told me my new PR and 2nd in my AG. 

Incredible Day.

I know all races can not and will not be like today in Kansas... 
so this excitement I feel, I am really appreciating.

Progress feels GOOD! 

I say this after every race but REALLY, I am SO dang lucky to have some incredible people in my life.  It has been a fun, new experience getting to race on the Zoot Team this year! Teresa continues to teach me so much about this sport... which somehow always has a way of translating to day-to-day life.  Constant support from Ember means the world to me.  

and... who wouldn't be jealous of this dad????

I wouldn't be where I am without him!

....Racine, Worlds 70.3, and Tahoe are on deck! 


  1. Blondie, Why did you go brunette?
    From obsessed with skinny, to obsessed to running/biking.
    Please don't ever read a Bible, the world is not ready for an obsessed "Preacher" :)

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  3. Wow! you are amazing. Congrats on another good 70.3!

  4. Are you superstitious? Do anything for 'good luck' before a race? Btw, you're a "2". I'm a "7" in numerology. {compatible}. I remember your birthday, same as my Godfather's. (not that I will say what it is)

  5. "captain of my sole," Soul :) Spiritually, metaphysical. We are actually nothing but energy and consciousness & can change the physical by will. Most of the very "religious" are very false. Good spirit to you.