Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ice Breaker Triathlon

Ice Breaker Sprint Tri
59:57.5              1/108 Female         8/282overall  

Going into this race I had 3 goals:

1- I have not done a triathlon with my new bike or actual clip-ins so practicing quick transitions
2- Every triathlon in the past I have subconsciously held back on the bike always wanting the run to be priority.  I did not want to do this… really wanted to push it the WHOLE race.
3 – Get in under 1 hour

Drove to American Fork, picked up race-packet… markings… pre race meeting… transition set up etc. etc.  Went for a quick warm-up (2.3 easy with some strides)

15 minutes before the race I still was unsure what I was going to wear.  Everyone was complaining how cold it was, but last minute I decided to take off my tri top and wear a swim top with tri shorts for the whole race.  

Swim (6:19/300 meters)

Indoor pool swim. Cluster mess.  I am not very confident in my swim, so when we were lining up I kept moving backward listening to the others talk about their swimming abilities.  Ended up stuck in the middle of the lanes and at the wall ends several times waiting for people. I need to make sure to start further up next time… especially in a lap pool! The time includes running from inside the pool to the transition area mat.

T1 (0:45)
Smooth and uneventful.


Bike (12 miles, 31:56, 22.5/mph)

I felt strong on the bike.  I caught a lot of people which was giving me more and more energy.  Fell short of my 25mph goal… probably should have looked at the course before setting it that high :) Double loop course with uphill going out and downhill coming back.  About 2 miles left on the bike, I took 1/2 a gel and drank poweraid zero with Powerbar Perform mixed in. (This is the first race I opened the gels and taped them to my bike. Worked out perfect)  My dad was at the dismount area and told me only 2 girls in front of me! So encouraging having him there. 

T2 (0:51)

Pretty smooth…Forgot to take my helmet off and had an official ask me if I was taking extra safety precautions running with a helmet on! Duh Christie! Right outside of T2 was Rachelle!!! Best way to start the last leg of this race.  (Note - I need to purchase the no tie laces for my shoes.) 

Run (3.1, 20:08, 6:30/mile)

The first half of the run shares the course with the biker's which is a bit scary.  I ended up running on the sidewalk most of the time to avoid a collision. Most of mile 1 my legs felt good but I felt like I couldn’t breath; very frustrating.  Mile 1 is going up the ‘big hill’ and my shoe lace came untied.  Stopped, fixed it and pushed up the hill.  Mile 2 is flat, and 3 is back downhill to the finish.  During the run I was catching men and on the look out for those two dang ladies.  Finally, I saw some braids ahead, found another gear, and just charged past her and didn’t stop pushing until the end.  I never knew what ‘running scared’ meant until today with that girl chasing me:) I was really hoping for a 19:2X… but happy with the effort I gave.       

Crossing the finish I had no idea my time because my Garmin was messed up and thought I was in 2nd.  Rachelle and I went for a quick cool down waiting for the results to post.  When we got back my dad told me I did it… sub 1 hour and overall female!     

Cant say enough how much my dad freaking rocks.  I swear, he gets just as much of a workout as I do moving around to the different areas on the course!  So fun to have Rachelle there as well… I don’t think people know how much support really means/helps during a race.  This is the perfect pre season race: well organized & wonderful volunteers, challenging course to test your fitness, and ideal race before St George 70.3 :) 

and my post race FUEL THE MACHINE tradition...



  1. Now, I need to know, did your dad make up that other female in front of you so you'd keep pushing ;D Well done!

    1. Thanks Vicky! It was a seeded swim start so the first person to cross the finish line was not necessarily the female winner. My dad probably would have done what you said anyways though ;)

  2. Woohoo!! Way to go! You freaking rocked it! Congratulations!

    1. Matthew! You are great, thanks. :D

  3. So incredibly fantastic!!!! Your determination and dedication is amazing and it shows in your results!

  4. Awesome. Awesome. But running out of T2 with a helmet??!!! Hit me up at if you want to coordinate Boise. I will also reach out to Gina!!

    1. so excited to meet in Boise! woot.

  5. Girl, you are inspiring!! I can't believe how good you are getting at all of this. Seriously, I don't think I have hit 22.5MPH downhill on my bike before and I would wreck if I tried to take a gel at that speed. You rocked the Bike- also on the run! That 5k time, though not what you hoped, was fantastic- especially after giving all you had on the bike.
    2 things that really impress me. 1- the love you and your dad have for each other. 2- the way you keep your body running strong. I like how you consciously fuel and refuel. Truly building a race machine!
    Congrats on the win :)

    1. Thank you Raina. It honestly helps so much to have supportive people like you. When I very first started running, I remember you being one of the bloggers I started to follow for inspiration... and you still inspire today! :D

  6. DAMN GIRL! Nice work out there!!!

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  8. Awesome race, you crushed it! Somehow your blog doesn't show up on my blog roll anymore. This has been happening to me more and more lately.

  9. Good luck! You'll do great. My advice..take a picture of your transition area after you set it up. that way you'll be able to look back and determine if you liked it or not and set it up differently. I'm actually posting about triTraining tomorrow! Watch for it. :) Triathlon shorts

  10. Awesome job! I like to read this type of post and have wondered with your ability. I appreciate sports bra and triathlon shorts for fitness.