Monday, September 16, 2013

Big Cottonwood Marathon Race Report


Back to Back Race Weekends...

Marathon #4

The day before The Big Cottonwood Canyon Marathon, I decided to run it. I was able to get an entry in, my body was feeling incredibly well from the prior weeks 70.3, and I really wanted to spend some time with friends I rarely get to see - So, the Big 26.2 it was.

It was so nice going into a race with absolutely no pressure.  Even at the start line I had no nerves at all!  6 days prior goal race in Vegas was complete, so this was pure, spontaneous fun! At the start line, I chatted with friends, met some new nice people, and enjoyed myself.  I thought it would be fantastic if I could pull out a PR (I am a goal person, ya know?), but honestly, I had no real expectations on the day other than to have fun.  Walter and I decided to run together and our plan was to take it super comfortable (basically walking for his speedy self) until we were out of the canyon then he’d push me.  I also promised myself that if I started to feel ANY sort of 'injury' pain that I would drop out. 

First of all, can I just say how amazing it felt to start a race on fresh, non-biking legs AND in actual cool weather… Yeehaw my legs were so happy! When the miles would click, I kept thinking we were going too quick. I felt good though and my HR was staying in a good range so I just let my legs do their thing through the canyon and stayed relaxed. 

Walter provided the entertainment for this section by teaching me his speedy race secrets.  I think we were at about a 6:40-:45 avg coming out of the canyon. 

6:22, 6:28, 6:30, 6:36, 6:35, 7:05 (GI issue/ bathroom stop!), 6:47, 7:15, 7:03, 7:15, 6:48, 6:38, 6:25, 6:54, 6:30, 6:56

I felt really good up until about mile 18ish.  Going from all that pounding to flat killed my hamstrings/feet... Your legs are wondering WTH you just put them through.  I haven’t run over 17 miles at all this year and I think I let that and last weekends race get to me more mentally that it was hurting me physically.  I am a little mad at myself for letting that happen.  I preach 'mind of matter' so much and I didn't follow my own motto.  

Coming out of the canyon, some quick math put a sub 3 in my head so I was trying so hard to keep a pace to earn under the 3 hour mark but today was not the day for that.  That last 5K hurt - a lot.  The back of my legs were cramping so bad but I refused to walk.  

Walter was basically switching from running form tips to screaming profanities at me the last 30 minutes.  I wanted to punch him in the face that  entire time... until we crossed the finish line Haha :D :D Lucky to have had him there with me.

6:57, 7:01, 7:24, 7:44, 8:13, 8:24, 7:57, 9:05>>>whoops, 8:41, 7:56,   

So there it is. An aided 15min. PR… 3:09:41
1st ag, 8th female, 59 overall


I do a really good job of isolating myself and I am the queen of 'Walls Up' to just about everyone - 
SO,  weekends like these are good reminders that it is ok to let people in... 
it actually makes life a whole hell of a lot more meaningful and fun.  
There are good people out there - 
but you never know without letting down those walls to give them a chance. :) 


Side note on the race:  ***This is probably one of the best ran races I’ve participated in.  Organization and attention to detail was spot on.  The race directors really went out of their way to make sure us runners were very happy.


  1. THIS GIRL IS ON FIY-AHHH! (<--that's fire.)

  2. I never know what to say, but I love reading 'bout ya. So keep posting. Amazing running woman!

  3. still so soo proud of you!!!! :) :) xo

  4. Way to go on your PR! You make it look so easy! I also ran this marathon and PR'd by 11 minutes. I agree that it is a fantastic course and very well organized. I'll be back next year for the third time, chasing BQ!

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