Monday, December 15, 2014

Off Season.

Off Season.

Last year my kind of Off Season was sneaking in runs. Adding on, say... 25 extra miles to an already strenuous venture through the Grand Canyon. An occasional 'oh whoops, I have no idea how I ended up biking that many extra miles.' Guilty!  

This year, as hard as it is for a stubborn-always-on-the-go-do-not-want-to-slow-down-hard-headed-do-it-my-way-girl, I truly took time OFF.

Like off off. Like absolutely nothing. ZERO. and guess what...

I liked it    > HA!, HATED every second.  But I did survive :)  

T continues to help me see... 

'Training hard is easy; recovery takes courage and confidence.'  

↑ Maybe that is why I have such a tough time with the whole recovery thing.  Confidence is hard to be had.  It is for me anyways.  I was reading on another blog that said many people see 'training hard as a sacrifice.. but for me that is where I thrive.  Sacrifice comes when I'm asked to not do the things I love and RELAX.'

Relax. Recover. Rest.  Really, it is pretty damn simple.  This whole process is actually pretty dang easy when you have the confidence to follow the rules.  

Step 1. 
Work your ass off.  Build your body up! GO GO GO. Harder harder harder.  Push the body past your limits... 
            (side effect→ broke down)

Step 2. 

Step 3.  Repeat. akhilandeshvari 

... you know what is not included in THIS chain of events? Injury.  I plan to keep it that way too.  Anyways: 

Fitness was lost.  
Weight was gained.  
My mental sanity was tested.
Body rejuvenated, rested, and ready.      BACK TO STEP 1! 

Few things I've been up to

T-3 Turkey 5K

Winter Sun 10K

Some good things to come in 2015!!


  1. Run for fun when you take time off. You have a very competitive mind, so maybe that's impossible for you to do. But even consistent "easy" runs and rides do add up and "easy" stuff is a faster way to heal and recover.

  2. You have had an amazing year. I hope 2015 brings you more joy and more hills to conquer.