Monday, January 12, 2015


a few ♥'s

Elite Minds & Train To Win
must reads. i keep one of them on the dash of my car. quick motivation.

Winter Cycling
amazing how much warmth you get from shoe covers and a robbers mask.
Velominati Rules #5 & #9  
while reading those↑ rules... check out #20. it's a good one.

(the shoe covers I got are these. water proof & fleece = warm toes)

Soft HR Monitor
just pay the extra money for the soft HR monitor. besides the hard one always breaking, it hurts to wear... meaning i often would 'forget' to wear it.  this soft one is worth the $$

Swim Toys & Long Sets
this band! these paddles. loving my swim sets lately... up to 8000!

Closet Organizers
not just for closets! 
i basically live out of my car so these keep me somewhat less messy.

speaking of Shoes
Solanas: Zoot was on point with this one. perfect everyday trainer.

Ultra Race: my go to speed-work shoe.

Ultra TT's: best race shoe.

Reminders filled with little daily reminders & symbols ...

My GoalsSay YesBreatheHabitsFuelTheMachine 

onsie for the win! found this in the kids section for 4.99!!! 
perfect for post-freezing cold workouts. and... i mean the Grinch, awesome☺☻☺

i am determined to continue moving forward with my nutrition. MoreFuelLessFearFoodsEnhancedRecoveryEnergyyyySTRONGATHLETE 

Getting ready
longer swim sets in the AM = less get ready time. a few products that i've found to help speed up the process.  

Loreal BB Cream.  this BB cream hides my post-swim goggle lines, apply just with your fingers and doesn't need a powder.  add some mascara and you are good to go. super quick and easy! my skin has been clearer not wearing foundation every day too.   

between the chlorine water, running, and the wind from biking my hair is always a tangly mess! about a month ago i started using Bed Head After Party & Loreal Serum and it's been 100 times better.   

mean, disloyal people.
creating a positive environment is not only key for progress in sport, but life.
rid all negativity.

loving MY ♥♥♥Support Crew♥♥♥



  1. Coconut oil is the best thing for hair and skin, both internal and external. Coconut oil is the only oil that will actually penetrate the hair follicle. Amla is another hair oil secret. You should train FEMEN to outrun the Cops in the off-season :)

  2. You are primed for a kick ass year! Your motivation and dedication is inspiring.

  3. Come down to Florida in the off season and ride a Harley. The south warm wind and vibrations are very therapeutic for recovery.

  4. Love all of this. Thank you for sharing. Must try that cream!