Wednesday, October 19, 2011

22.8 Mile Hike

Sundays Hike:       San Raphael Swell Area
Planned Miles:      17 Miles
Actual Miles:         22.8 Miles
Total Time:            *About 8.5 Hours 

Sunday Adventure to this Hidden Beauty

     Early Sunday morning my father and I headed out to revisit a hidden arch we accidentally discovered on a hike last year.  What makes this arch intriguing to us is not only its massive size; but, that because of its location, many do not see this hidden gem!

This was no sissy hike.  Elevation change was not 'too' bad and I won't even claim the mileage was TOO difficult.  What was challenging you ask?  Some of the drop offs we had to inch our way down with NO ropes, scrambling across massive rock formations, and being caught in the dark WITHOUT a flashlight seems to up the difficulty level the hike.  

A few photos and details....
Good Morning UTAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have to go down THAT!???

 At about mile 10, we took a break to 


At mile 14 we approach the canyon were the arch lays

Sometimes I might get a little nervous and just slide down on my butt :D

NOTE TO SELF: Check the damn batteries on the flashlight before going out on a hike.  The last 2 miles was a pitch black adventure!  Our only lights were the GPS and a Cell Phone.  On a normal road this would be no big deal... on an uneven terrain in the middle of nowhere - a little scary =)   

Seeing our jeep was like seeing the finish line in a marathon!  Challenges that are not only physically demanding on your body but mentally challenging on your mind leave you in such a euphoric state of mind.  

I love the feeling of being exhausted and exhilarated simultaneously.   

Another great hike... 


  1. wow!! you and your dad are so hard core and adventurous! love it! plus that arch is incredible!

  2. Incredible Utah is so beautiful!
    That's so cool that you and your dad love the great outdoors :)

  3. scenic! i definitely want to come explore utah's trails one day. a 22 mile hike is intense though, i need a shorter route :)

  4. WOW. wow. wow. you are SO LUCKY to live in such an amazing place! There's absolutely nothing even remotely close to that on the east coast!! what a fantastic hike :)

    And 22.8 miles = bada$$. I've never hiked more than 15 at a time, so,'re a beast!

  5. this looks like a blast!

    you are incredibly blessed to have such a supportive dad and a great atmosphere in which to explore!

    this makes me want to start walking to where you are. ha.