Monday, July 25, 2011

Energy in, Energy out.

Embarrassing Week... :(

Monday- 1 Mile Run, 2 Miles Lap Swim
Tuesday- 8 Mile Run HM Pace, 15 Min Abs/Stretch
Wednesday- 5 Mile Run Intervals, 30 Min Weights, 10 Min Stretch
Thursday- 5 Mile Run (Pulled Groin) (supposed to be 8)
Friday- REST
Saturday- Groin pulled (supposed to be 15)
Sunday- Groin pulled, 1/2 Mile lap swim

It boggled my mind that no matter the amount of dedication, determination or passion you put into running; your body does not always give you back what you put into it. Energy in does not equal energy out.

I get so frustrated... I have always been a believer that no one 'deserves' or is 'entitled' to anything! BUT if you work your ass off and put your whole heart into something that is how you EARN your desires.  It feels like no matter what I do my body continually comes back with slap in the face.  I just want to RUN.  Run Far and Fast and Strong! 

Have any of you pulled your groin before? Feels pretty AWESOME... not. I've basically been straddling a block of ice at work which has seemed to help.  I tried to run this morning, no go. Did weights instead and I will swim tonight.  I have a half marathon this weekend so it best be better by then!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 3

4 Mile Tempo
15min Abs/Shoulder
10min Stretch
7 Mile Run
1/2 Mile Swim
10min Stretch
4.11 Mile Intervals
35min Weights
10min Stretch
7 Mile Run
15min Ab/Stretch
14 Mile Easy Run
21 Mile INTENSE Hike
(This is the Gem we found... Can you see me?)

I am pretty happy with this past week.  All my runs felt STRONG... and I love that.  By the end of the insane Sunday hike, I was sleeeepy! I will post about the hike later - but I came home, took an ice bath, and hit the sack!

Week 4 - BRING IT! :D

Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 2

Week 2

Monday – (Cross Train) 
Water Skiing>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Tuesday – 6 Mile Run, 10 Min Stretching
Wednesday – 30Min Hill, 45Min Weights, 15min Stretch/Foam
Thursday – 6.25Mile Run, 5Min Abs, 7 Min Stretch
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 12 Mile Run
Sunday – 45min Cardio, 10 Min Stretch 

Between these four lovely products, my body has been feeling SO much better....

 Have a wonderful week everyone!