Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snowy Valentines Run :D

I had a break at work so I decided to get my run in for the day.  
Came back SOAKED
Probably one of my funnest runs to date.  
Snow running is my new favorite!
Running mascara... whoops:)

Happy Valentines Everyone!  
It is my favorite holiday  :)
you don't have to hate it & be bitter because you have no significant other ....
or, that you think it is just another commercialized Holiday

it is about showing those in your life that mean the most 
you love and appreciate them!

Random Find- New favorite song:


  1. Snow runs are the best! And dripping mascara is the new thing... Or so I tell myself. Happy Valentine's Day !

  2. Happy Valentine's day! I love a good snow/rain run- followed by a HOT shower.

    Thanks so much for your awesome comment on my last post. Made me smile :)

  3. aww LOVE the snowy run!! you are beautiful!!
    and also my hero because there is no way i could run through those temps! :) keep up your amazingness!

  4. Yesss I am so glad you had a great snowy run! I always feel like such a bad ass on them :)

  5. Oh I wish I could run from work during breaks, that would be so re-energizing!

    But then I'd come back super sweaty and look terrible...

  6. I have been wondering where your blog went and I got all confused! aahh...so here you are! yay!

  7. You have the right idea in everything now with the running and biking.

  8. I love love love that remake of the original video...I saw it a few days ago and just laughed my head off. Glad you had a great Valentine's Day! :)

  9. Here's the remake....

  10. How did I miss this post, what a valentines day!

  11. Curious about you. Ha, I am. Your "normal" among the abnormal. 11/11 superstitious about that.