Thursday, February 2, 2012

SLC 26.2 No Director??? & Brooks

I got the opportunity to try out these FREE new Brooks:

 I am not supposed to say much about them yet... but they are freaking awesome. 
They make me feel springy when I run.

So now I am currently rotating all three pairs: Brooks, Saucony Progrid Kinvara 2, and Asics Gel-Speedstar

Did anyone here the news about the SLC Marathon?

Director resigned and financial problems...  
Anyone know if this race is still going to happen???
SLC was my first and most favorite race! You'd think where 2013 will the the 10th anniversary for the race someone would step up and take the lead on this situation.

MY feet are wanting to raceeeeeeee. I don't know if I can wait until April! =)


  1. What a score on the freebies! Those brooks do look sweet, and I can only imagine how they feel!

    No director for SLC? That's a bummer. Hopefully someone will step up and take it on.

  2. Ut-oh!!! No good on the race....I am sure they will find a way to "make it happen".

    Sa-weet shoes girl!


  3. Woohoo on the stash, that is awesome!! Me loves your Brook shoes you're wearing and the Kinvaras are my go-to shoe I wear for most of my runs!

    Hadn't heard anything on SLC marathon. Sounds like maybe something happened similar to the Denver Marathon many years ago??...the race director ran off with all the money. What a loser!

  4. No way!!! Hope they get it figured out soon. That would be a tragedy if the race went by the wayside. I loved the half last year.

  5. I am so jealous, those Brooks look sweeeeet!

  6. love your blog! I can't believe that about the SLC marathon! cr-azy.

  7. Oh I would just diiie if I didn't know if a race that I was planning on doing was going to happen or not.

    Can't believe these races ever can have financial issues, because they always charge SO darn much money to register haha.

    LOVE those Brooks, can't wait to hear about them!!

  8. tell me morrrrre about the shoes! And how I can get my hands on a pair!

  9. PS what type of shoes are those?

    I want to try them!

  10. dang girl, i wish i was lucky enough to have about three different pairs of shoes to swap between!! haha...great stuff and glad u've got happy feet! :)

    that really sucks about the marathon going bust...i hope u find another race for u soon!

  11. Score on those brooks! I've heard so many great things about them! I am super jealous! :)

    I sure hope they are able to figure something out to make that race happen! I've done Salt Lake before, it was one my favorites to date still!!!