Sunday, March 18, 2012

Leprechaun Lope 10K Recap


Saturday was my first race of 2012.  
Leprechaun Lope 10K by the State Capitol in Salt Lake. 

I went early to Park City on Friday to spend some time 
with my brother that I rarely get to see. 
Saturday morning woke up, had a banana and nut butter, little bit of water, and I was off to the race.  This was a smaller race so I had it in my head I was going to PR and get top 2 female.  Coach Teresa and I had decided this is was going to be a 'C' race to test out my fitness before Salt Lake Marathon.

Got to the capital and it was WINNNDYYYyyyyy! Did a 1.5 mile warm up with a couple strides.  Teresa had me take a 1/2 a GU 5 minutes before the race started to 
test out how my stomach fared.

Race started out great! Legs felt wonderful and ready to run.  

Miles 1-3 was ALL uphill gaining 761 (to be exact:D) feet up 
City Creek Canyon.  
I thought that it was going to be rolling hills, I was wrong, so I zoned in and pumped up to mile 3 the best I could.  
The rest of the race was flat and gradual down hill.  
All of mile 4 my noes was bleeding... then just stopped - never have had that happen before.  

Around 4.5 this guy in the red had pulled in front of me and I just held on to him the rest of the way.  I kept looking at his strong calf muscles thinking I want mine to look like his one day:):)

8:14, 8:37, 9:32, 7:39, 7:19, 7:09, 6:40

- Side and front wind the entire race was not fun at all.
- I need to learn to run the tangents better! (Ended up with 6.25 miles)
+Legs never felt fatigued, I felt like I had plenty of energy, and heart rate was in control for the most part.
+Taking the 1/2 GU never bothered my stomach and gave me an extra kick 
+I have never done a warm up/cool down after a race until today.  Liked this, but next time do a couple more strides before race start. 

If not for the hills, I really think I could have gone sub 45 for a PR. 
After my cool down I had no soreness in my legs and 
completed a 2hour recovery run this morning :)

6.25 Miles
Avg Pace 7:56
2nd/55 Age Group 
5th/130 Female

Blurry cell phone picture!

5 Weeks to SLC!!!!!


  1. I know about these uphill races! That is a heck of a way to start..yikes.

    Sorry about the nose bleed. Next time will be a better course! Way to take 2 in AG!!

  2. Woah!!!! You are speedy! That is some serious climbing at the beginning and your paces were still great. I can't wait to see what you do in SLC next month!

  3. Great race! Congrats on 2nd in your age group! Great start to the racing season.

  4. So so awesome! Love when C races are kick ass! Nice job girl :)


  5. Great job! 10ks are a tough distance and one with hills and wind is even tougher!

    No family in Utah but glad you thought of me and that she is speedy too!

  6. ummm seriously!?! that 10k had about as much gain as my half this weekend...i should stop complaining ;) you freaking rocked this!!! congrats on a great time! cant wait for you to rock SLC!

  7. 2-hour recovery run?! :)
    I am awful at the tangents too! definitely something I need to work on as I begin to run shorter distances!
    I've never done a warm-up before any of my running races, and usually just a quick swim in the lake before a Tri...I always do about a mile or 2 shake-out run right after I finish, I swear by it for helping with soreness!
    next time you WILL have a PR!!
    I hope you have a great week ahead of you!

  8. That is a great time! Good for you! Those hills always suck! My cousin in racing in the SLC too! I think I'm going to head up there to watch her! She says it is one of her favorites!

  9. That great. I like how you got into this. Not I'm curious if I can run. My "religious-everyday" run was 8 miles at 8 minute miles with hills, a zillion years ago. Running is a high.

  10. Oh my goodness, I would have DIED with an elevation climb like that. You seriously are a freakin' machine!!!

    Just imagine what sort of more ridiculously fast time you could have pulled off if there hadn't been hills!


  11. 5th woman! Whoot! that is a steep, steep climb, I would chicken out on a race with that. Nice work and wise preparation by practicing with the gu/warm-up etc.

  12. Here you go Christie. I turned into my twin. I'm a true Gemini. I know you hate guys so lets talk on a different plane. I think I do look great for an older broad. What do you think? Told you I know a lot about skin health. :)

  13. FIRST OFF- Good luck at SLC next weekend! I'm going to be at the finish cheering in my sister in law. She won't be finishing until around 4:30. Maybe I will see you there??? If you stick around, that is.

    Second- the shirts are Nike Pro Combat shirts. Google it and you'll find tons. They have them on Amazon for a pretty good price, or if you ever make it up to Park City they have a BILLION of them in all different colors at the Tanger Outlet Mall. BEST RUNNING SHIRT EVER.

    GOOD LUCK AT YOUR MARATHON! I'm so excited for you.

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