Monday, March 5, 2012

Recovery Week, St George, Crazy Hike

Last week = RECOVERY week.

Started like this ---

Couple runs in the windy cold
Snow decided to finally arrive in UTAH

I was close to 500 miles in my old shoes so I picked me up another pair of these >>> 

Found out I got to go to sunny St. George for a work weekend!! Yippyyyy

Got a fabulous morning run in... in shorts!!!!

 Found this new drink. absolute FAV!

Went on what was supposed to be a 'easy' hike.  Turned into 16 miles of  
canyoneering fear!
(For those that know the St. George Area) 
We started at Tuacahn, climbed up to the 3 ponds, went in and out of Snow Canyon, then climbed up on the ridge, then descended down that main gorge in Ivans. 

The arrows signify death wish territory :):)

My dad and I have experienced some scary stuff... both nothing compared to this. 

At some points I was shaking so bad and could not make it stop. 
 Making it to the top (ALIVE) then back down gave us such a sense of  
accomplishment and confidence.  
We both wore the biggest smiles the rest of the weekend - 
along with our war wounds of cuts, bumps and bruises :D !!!  

We don't have many photos of the scary stuff... but here are a few from the day:

Recovery week meant 
a cut back in intensity... 
a lot of compression gear wearing...
a couple ice baths...
foam rolling...

Feeling super refreshed and READY to hit it hard again! :D


  1. Oh my gosh, a 16 mile hike?! That's unbelievable!! I would not be able to handle those inclines/descents...

  2. that hike is so crazy intense!!! you and your dad are incredible! jealous of your time in St. it was soooo nice down there!!!

  3. That hike is soo intense! Wow impressive that you both did it Christine!

  4. This makes me miss southern Utah so much. I never do hikes where I fear for my life, but I think they would be fun! With the kids we're stuck with the easy ones these days. Good luck in training this next week.

  5. Excited to hear your dad is coming to Lake Stevens! There are some great hikes here too. What a hike!!!


  6. holy moly that sounds like one crazy awesome hike!!
    I loveeee scaring myself (well having things scare me!) it make the experience so memorable and you always come out stronger in the end!
    I hope you had a wonderful cut back week and absorbed all your hard work!

  7. That's cool. Pretty strange looking place that Utah is. Very different from Florida. You're very competitive and driven. Personality would be "AA" versus "A". I'm more like "A-minus". Going on competitive hikes is a great way to totally alleviate stress too. Smart.

  8. Double top in Gold just formed. The recent bounce was off of fib levels from the same low and 2 highs. Gold may tank then QE. I'd appreciate anything you could assist with. Don't want you as an enemy, rather a friend.

  9. I live in St. George and yes I have heard of that hike! Never dared it myself, and after your explanation, don't think I will! ha Good for you and your dad for accomplishing it though! That is so awesome! :)
    Isn't the weather amazing down here!!!!! Lovin it! :)

  10. Sounds like an intense hike! Gorgeous pictures too.