Monday, July 2, 2012

River Rampage Race Recap

Green River Rampage Olympic Tri
Race Recap

Woke up, breakfast, coffee, left.

Half way to the race start I realized I had forgotten my helmet! Crap. As soon as we pulled up I saw a nice looking couple and ask them if they had an extra…. Turns out at that moment my Life Savor, Stephan, was deciding between regular or Aero helmet – I made his decision easy :)


Checked in and transition set up
**Side note, LOVE this race company.  Super organized with everything. You have assigned spots, with a nice name tag, and underneath your name it reads the reason you ‘Tri’.  Mine said to 'Build The Machine'

Warmed up:
15 minute run with 4, 30 sec. strides
15 minute bike with accelerations

Drove upstream to race start – Made friends with the couple that lent me the helmet who were super nice.  Learned he had completed several Ironman’s with great times.   

You have about a ¾ mile walk through corn fields to get to the start.  This walk really calmed my nerves.  At the start, I jumped in for a quick 5 min. warm-up swim.  The water was SO hot… think 73-75 so I decided to go without the wetsuit. 

1.10 Mile
--Took a ½ gel pre race
--Started in the 2nd row

We didn’t have to tread water because the water level was so low everyone was standing. Start was like any other swim start: head kicking, smacks, until each of us could get into our groove. Felt pretty great the whole time.  I focused on quick arm turnover and keeping my legs straight and high up in the water.  For all but 1 section, this was  a straight shot swim, so spotting was not an issue.  Throughout the swim I saw several people just walking because the water was so low.  I am not counting this is a swim PR because there was a current.  It seemed like I was not in the water for more than 5 minutes before I saw the red swim exit signs.  I should have been pushing harder throughout the swim because my breathing was just 'normal' when I got out.    

First ever transition that went so smooth – I did everything in the order I had mentally practiced.  Shoes (No socks)> Garmin > Race belt > Helmet > Glasses > GO

Bike PR
25 Miles

Teresa had told me to make sure I stay in race mode and that is what I did on the bike.  I was most happy with my performance on the bike.  I never stopped pushing.  Course was relatively flat with 2 main climbs. Can I tell you how good it feels to pass men with their gorgeous bikes, and super fancy helmets, and loud tires? :)  Having the fast men and this one super fast girl really pushed my inner competitor on the course. 

-I had been working on passing this one man; once I finally did I took a wrong turn and went about .25 off course. Whoops!
-I need to practice turning around cones.  There were 2 cones on this course to turn around and I about fell over on both of them 
-Stayed in aero 95% of the time
-2.5 Gels: 1 at start, 1 30 minutes in, and ½ a gel at 1 hour
-1 Bottle with Poweraid Zero and 3 scoops of IP Perform throughout the ride
**Could have used ½ another bottle of just water

Smooth transition as well.  Bike stuff off, grabbed visor and 1 gel.

Run PR :)
7:48pace (7:44, 7:47, 7:50, 7:43, 7:53, 7:44)

I was a little disappointed with this run.  I wanted to sub 45 – the 90 degree heat killed me.  My legs never felt super heavy from the bike I just felt like I was sweating to death.  The run was cross country style 2-loop which I have never ran on a course of that type before.  I thought I was going to like running on the grass but I was not a fan.  I wore my Brooks Pure Connect which I love on the pavement but the uneven terrain and wet ground was not meant for these shoes.  About ½ way through the run, a blister started on the bottom of my foot from the water and mud getting into my shoe.  Each aid station I took 2 cups of water, drank 1 and 1 went over my head.  Took in 1 gel, 1/2 at the beginning and 1/2 at mile 4.  

 A buff 51 years young woman took first female with 2:12.  I hope I am like her at that age. Top male, BJ Christensen (1:54) is a freaking rock-star.  My dad and I ran into him at the gas station after the race... such a down to earth, nice guy. Since my opinion matters to him, I think he should turn pro. :)

My Results:
2:57:37 > Lake Powell Oly October 2011

2:21:57 > 36 min PR!:)
1/10 Age Group
4/73 Female
18/161 Overall

....Lake Stevens 13 days!


  1. Excellent job! Not just 4th overall women but 1st in your age group!!

  2. GIRL YOU DID INCREDIBLE!!! im so excited for you to dominate Lake Stevens! Congrats on the AG win and seriously...4th female overall is just pure craziness! you ROCK! it sounds like you are just so unbelievably fit right now. your speed, consistency and strength are amazing and inspiring! fantastic job! cheering for you as you prepare for your BIG day:) woo hoooooooo!

    also thought about you the other day and your blog name. i was thinking about all the miles i am hoping to run in prep for my 50 and started to get overwhelmed. i realized i need to slow down and take things 1 day at a time because its all about just building for the race. this reminded me of your blog...and i thought "YES i am building my body slowly but surely to be stronger and better. I am building the machine!"

    Loved it! have a great day! congrats again!

  3. Christie, you are amazing! I recently noticed you had a blog, and I've been loving reading about all your racing adventures. Keep up the good work!

  4. Woohoo! Congrats on a great race, first in your age group, and a 36 minute HUGE PR! Well done.

  5. Love it, love it, love it!!!! You are ready to rock Stevens!


  6. YAY congrats on a great PR and an AG WIN!!! :)
    your fueling during the race sounds spot on (other than a little more water!) I've been focusing on forcing the fueling while training so that it's easier during a race.
    I hope your week is off to a great start!

  7. Oh my gosh, girl - 4th overall and 1st in your age group....and with a borrowed helmet!! YOU ROCK!!! Congratulations, that is a fantastic finish and I loved hearing your story. I'm doing a little first since 1986 (you weren't even born yet - ha)...I'm close to the 51 year old lady who won your race...maybe that'll be me. Bahahahah.

  8. Great job on your PR, congrats!
    And best of luck in less than 2 weeks at Lake Stevens!

  9. WOW ! Nice work Christie!!
    You have really got your head in the game these days. I liked reading about how well planned out you were, and how you were passing men on the bike.
    Glad you found a helmet :)

    I have yet to try the pure connects - since I live on a gravel road, but they fit so well on me too. I can't wait to try them on a track and then use them for a race when i am ready.

    Fantastic job snagging first in your age group! More great races to come.