Saturday, September 29, 2012

Post-Marathon Recovery, and Looking Forward

Two weeks have passed since my last 'A' race of 2012. 

Two weeks of recovery = Not many hours scheduled in TP, low mileage, very low intensity, ornery mood… Post-Race Blues are NO Joke.   You come off a 'successful' race with such a high and built up energy in which you immediately want to channel into your next goal.  Suddenly, you have all this time on your hands that was once 100% focused on a goal race, but what your body needs to now focus on is : RECOVERY

I read an article that compared healing muscles in recovery to healing an open wound.  We have all experienced an open cut that seems to be healed, but you stretch it to far and it bursts back open.  The article explained the same goes for healing your muscles after a hard race.  Your body tells you, you feel better and are ready for more; but, these thoughts may be artificial.  I have had to keep reminding myself over and over that even though I feel fully healed - I need to give my body the appropriate amount of time to fully recover.

Teresa and I have the remaining 2012 and 2013 base plan set:

 Remainder of the year...
-Swim focus! 
-Build bike strength
-Race 13.1 either November/December

2013 Goals
-Qualify for Worlds 70.3
-'A' Races 
   *St George 70.3
   *Boise 70.3
   *Lake Stevens 70.3
-Qualify for Boston 2014 - I want to not only qualify put PR again at this distance

I was reading this blog the other day.... and loved this section:

“I have a strong desire to find what will break me physically, emotionally, and mentally. I want to know that deep, dark place where I really feel like I can’t go on and need to quit…. but then somehow power on… or can’t. I want to take my suffering to another level. I have never stood on the start line of a race or started a run or ride thinking I couldn’t complete the effort or filled with fear...I definitely have had some low spots in races and couldn’t go quite as fast as I wanted, but the thought of pulling the plug or having to quit has never crossed my mind.”

This really resonated with me as to what I want my 2013 to look like. I want to push hard and find my limits. My father and I were talking the other day about what it really means to find those limits. Finding those limits can mean 
blowing-up at a race...
feeling uncomfortable and scared... 
not reaching an extreme goal... 
tip-toeing the injury line...
but pushing to this point, pushing to step into this scary territory, is where I want to go!


  1. no doubts you will reach and exceed your goals,chica!!!!!!!

  2. Yep, post race blues suck. At least you are smart enough to recognize it and recognize your body needs rest.

    You have some great goals for next year. I have no doubt you'll achieve them specially if you continue training smart.

  3. Not all the "necessities" to success are fun, but glad you are embracing your recovery.

    Time to swim lil' fish!


  4. I LOVE that "quote"...although I usually do push pain, I know there are so many more layers of discomfort I can travel through!
    GREAT JOB on TOU marathon!! I had so many friends run PRs at that race, I'm excited I can add you to that list you ROCKSTAR!!!
    I hope you're feeling great and fully recovered!
    I can't wait to see how all your Tri's go next year, 2013 is going to be AWESOME! :)