Monday, September 17, 2012

Top Of Utah Race Report

Top of Utah Marathon 
'Third Times a Charm'


Overall 145
Gender 23
Division 4
**My Garmin read 26.45 @ 3:24:45 - I need to work on the tangents I guess??

Details/Picture overload....

Leading up to the race:
-         Increased carbs10g/body weight per T’s instruction – 3 days prior
-         Increased my Iron supplement – 1 week prior
-         Increased my fluid intake – 3 days prior
-         Took an electrolyte tablet – 1 week prior
-        Get min. of 8 hours of sleep each night – 1 week prior

Goals: Qualify for Boston
A+ Goal: Sub 3:30
A++ Goal: Sub 3:25
Secret super running goddesses’ Goal: 3:19

Uneventful. Bus ride up, I sat next to a super sweet girl from Oregon.
When we reached the start is was COLD.  Waited in (The SLOWEST) line
for the bathroom and then went into the warming tents. 10 minutes
before the start I took off my warm clothes except the gloves, took ½ a GU
and got in my corral.   

Nutrition Plan: 
- GU every 35/40 minutes (Ended up taking only 1/2-3/4 of each gel)
- Instead of all 1 flavor, took several different kinds so I wasn’t getting sick of
the taste
- Switch between sips of water/Gatorade every other Aid station (skipped li
 liquid at the first and very last aid station)
**This worked out perfect

Miles 1-12
8:01, 7:45, 7:36, 7:39, 7:47, 7:44
7:44, 7:38, 7:49, 7:51, 7:46, 7:44,

Uneventful miles throughout the canyon… usually those first miles I feel amazing and they go by incredibly fast.  Not the case today.  I was pretty cold until mile 5ish where I took off my gloves.  I saw a guy running that had the symbol of the company an Ex worked for… lets just say that lit the fire to get in the game and race ;)

This marathon is difficult to negative split because you have your entire elevation drop in the front half and the hills start towards the end.  T and I had planned starting the first miles at 8 then to hold 7:50-8’s until mile 22.  My heart rate was staying below 165 running in the 7:40-7:45ish range so I went with that until I was out of the canyon. I had written on my gloves START SLOW and had to keep looking at that.    

Mile 13-17
Coming out of the Canyon with Yellow Shirt Guy
7:40, 7:32, 7:40, 7:50, 7:44

Miles 13-14 someone turned on the wind and we had a nice tailwind for 2 miles!  Mile 14 was the first time you saw spectators and my dad was there! Whooo

I felt best during this section.  Flat section, spectators, energy was high.  Yellow Shirt Guy and I were playing off each other during these miles.  The first real ‘hill’ starts around mile 18 where he told me he couldn’t keep the pace so we parted ways.

Miles 18-21
7:50, 7:52, 7:58, 7:41
Hello Hills

Salt Lake 26.2 I hit my ‘wall’ at mile 18, so after I passed mile 18 without that dragging feeling I had the hugest smile on my face! I kept thinking, I got this… no wall for me today.  

My dad surprised me at mile 16, 19, and 21! He has never been throughout the course during a race before so this was wonderful! I high-fived him every time!

Mile 22 was where I told my dad, T told me to give all I had left so he yelled -- ‘SPEED UP’!!:D
He said the police man asked him why the hell would you tell her to speed up after 20 miles!?

Miles 22-26.45
7:34, 8:01, 7:46, 7:29, 7:37, 0.45 3:14 (7:15 pace)
These miles HURT.  

Mile 23 you climb your last hill (which seemed to never end) and that is where my HR escalated to the 180's and was starting to make me nervous.  I decided to stop look at my Garmin the rest of the race and push as hard as I could. 

A new friend told me 'you have to trick your mind into thinking you are capable of faster,' so that is what I concentrated on.  Turning the corner and look up the incline on Main Street was the most daunting section of the race for me.  I saw the 2:25 pacer and made it my goal to pass him - Done.  PUSHED to the end!

After I crossed the finish line, my stomach did not want anything to do with the post race food they had.  Gave my dad a huge hug and grabbed my ‘Boston’ gloves a friend had made and took my finishers photo with them. My legs started to cramp SO bad. Saw a stream that was going through the park and went and sat right in it! Whooo felt so.freaking.wonderful.  Teresa was the first person I wanted to call! I owe so much of my progress to her and wanted to let her know we did it!!

Went and checked out of our hotel and came back real quick for awards. Saw so many faces of Bloggers I stalk look up to.  I wish I would have went and introduced myself and talked to them… ‘Hi I’m Christie, I stalk your training blog. – Want to be friends?’ ;)

The day after T had me do a 30min walk which really loosened the legs up.  Soreness mostly in my butt!  Prior marathons my body has been incredibly sore for about 3-4 days post race… I feel pretty damn great today (Butt sore still)  Difference in this post-race, has been the lack of ability to sleep and the huge hunger appetite has not hit yet – I am sure it will!

Less than a year ago I could not imagine myself running paces in the 7’s during a marathon.  Who thought someone that never really participated in any athletic sports could really start to excel?  I realize excelling, and speed, and success is all relative - I definitely don't want to sound like I am bragging...there are SO many faster and on a completely different level than I.  I just know that I can get there. It is honestly amazing what your body can do, in such short amount of time, when you are determined enough to put in the work and dedication.  So clichĂ©, but ANYTHING is possible 

Having an incredibly supportive dad and an amazing coach doesn’t hurt either ;)   

4:30 >>>> 4:06 >>>> 3:24….. Sub 3? I think YES!!!


  1. So happy for you. Great report! And love the last photo!!!! So awesome.

  2. HUGE CONGRATS on hitting the A+ goal. 3:24 is an awesome time. Happy for you!!!

  3. Wow! What a huge jump you made since your last marathon! 3:24 is ver impressive. Congratulations!!

  4. This is a huge accomplishment! That is one of my favorite races. You cut so much time off. Way to go!

  5. Fantastic job! Congratulations on a great race.

  6. Fantastic job! Congratulations on a great race.

  7. I love it! look at those fastest miles, at the end, where the hills are! that is intense mental willpower! Very impressive. Congratulations, you will continue to crash through big goals

  8. AMAZING!!! Congrats on the BQ!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is amazing! You inspire me to push myself harder and to believe anything is possible!!

  10. P.S. Time to update your PR on the right hand side of your blog! Good-bye 4 hour PR!!

  11. you are INCREDIBLE!!! and have worked so hard. so much dedication and commitment. so much of an inspiration to me! i am just so unbelievably proud of you, excited for you and amazed by you! and girl you look AMAZING! you are in great shape and are tearin it up! keep on rockin and congrats on an amazing marathon time!

  12. Amazing! I'm really impressed with your speed. Hello Boston!

  13. oh,WOW!!!!!!!!!!
    Look at how far you have come over the past year!!!you are one amazing and inspirational lady! you are giving me hope that i too,can run an A+ goal for a marathon!
    keep on rocking and rolling along with your training,no doubts you will hit that 3:19...heck,you may just end up BQing like a man! (3:10)

  14. HOLY COW!!! I am so EXCITED for you!! I love how you have never given up on your goal, that you found yourself a good coach and have TORE down the old PRs!

    Loved reading about your pre-race fueling and iron/salt intakes..and sleep. Great tips for a good performance.

    I can't wait to see what you do next. The sky is the limit!

  15. You're a brunette now. What made you change? I'd like to get interested in healing. With your determination you & I could help more people and fight the quacks in established medicine. You ambitions & drive would be put to some good use. Put others above self.

  16. Simply incredible Chrstie! Wow, wow, wow is all I can say. You should be beyond proud of yourself right now because if my math is correct you totally negative split this course. Which I have honestly never seen happen! Very, very exciting things to come in your future and honestly sub-3 is not far away for you.

    You look gorgeous while running and I love your outfit. :) I really wish you would have introduced yourself to me after the race. I think we need to be best friends. Seriously here where do you live?

  17. AWESOME job!!! okay, i'm hard pressed to believe much of anything feels as sweet as a hard fought PR! way to go...and i'm totally in love with ur outfit. lime green is my fav color. :)

  18. LOVE IT!!!!!!

    SO freaking proud of you, I've known you had it in you ALL along, it was only a matter of time before you had a kick-butt marathon! So happy for you girl!!

  19. Whoa! Just found your blog and this is the first post I've read. You mean this is only your third marathon and you went from 4:06 to 3:24?!? That's amazing! Congrats to you! That means at CIM I shouldn't be afraid to push because my BQ is in reach (I think)!
    Way to freaking go!!! Any secrects to your success?

  20. OMG, you NAILED it girl!! I am so incredibly happy for you and smiling ear to ear!!! Congratulations. Woohoooooo!!! :) :) :)