Monday, November 26, 2012

2weeks out + Catchup by Photo

Quick little catchup

 Spending time on my new bike 
that I am in freaking 
love with

Training for Tucson Half (2 weeks out) that I have a 'big' goal for:

 Learning to Man UP

                      Happy Legs                                                         Tripping in the dark

Adding strength sessions in the gym to build me some muscles :D
- Upper body = pull myself through the water faster
- Lower body = stronger legs = faster runner/biker
- Core strength ---->>> one day hope to have Coach T's Abs :)


Focus on swim.  
Finally seeing some significant improvements.

Making myself learn how to REST in off season and not liking it one bit :) 
A rested body = super fantastic 2013 performance.


  1. About time you got a proper bike. Good for you! More pictures of the bike when you get a spare minute please. Love the bike pr0n.

  2. Wow, you're very pretty in close up pictures. One little secret for a "super-food" is coconut oil. It has so many benefits I could never explain in a comment. But it is also super for skin.

  3. Love the photos! You are going to be glad you rested. you will be able to go HARD HARD HARD. This will be another huge year for you ahead. Love what you are doing in training and racing.
    Hope your Thanksgiving was super :)

  4. This was probably my favorite post! There was so much information there an yet not a ton of reading! Those bruises on your knees looked awfully painful! Ouch! Way to go on all the training. You're getting faster and stronger every day! Good for you!

  5. Love your photos!!! Good stuff coming your way for 2013. Patience pays off ;)



  6. Btw, eat some Twinkies when you ride. They give you extra Go-power. Support that company. Don't let them go out of business.

  7. I have heard nothing but GREAT things about TUSCAN!!! you're going to kill your goal-time woman!!!
    Resting in the off-season...what's that?! please share your secrets! ;)
    Love u Christie!!!

  8. Nice to see the new bike.Your muscles are indeed building up after the strength sessions.I am sure you will have Coach T's abs some day. All the best for Tucson Half!

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  9. Raina... means a lot that already know! :D Thank you for all your support!!!!!