Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tucson Half Marathon Race Report

Tucson Half Marathon

Great way to end the 2012 season - PR!!!!  After Top of Utah 26.2, I took some needed 'easy' training which didn't leave much time for a nice build/specific training for this race.  Went into this race with these goals:

  • #1 'make it hurt' and pace the race smart
  • A+ goal Sub 1:30

Pre-race they bused us up to the start line.  We had about an hour and a half to kill so I stood with everyone around the warmers.  I wanted to get in a 10-15 minute warm-up; but it was pitch black.  I seem to trip very easily as of late, so I decided it was not worth the risk:) I did do a bunch of drills

This is a smaller race – 1219 finishers for the half, so it was fun to get to start up front with the fast runners. Teresa and I decided the first 3 miles I'd keep my HR in zone 4 and then go for it! With that in mind I took off. 

Miles 1-5 Lose most your elevation in these miles. I felt wonderful, never felt like I was overworking it, and legs were turning over quick!

6:45, 6:42, 6:44, 6:39, 6:45(Took Gel)

Miles 6-10 still losing elevation but with some ups (These don't seem significant when you are driving the course but running it you feel the up’s) I always write BTM on my hand before a race but a running friend who's been helping me had told me to write FOCUS and that every time I looked at it he would be pushing me. I looked at that word a lot throughout these miles and kept telling myself not to let the pace slow.   

6:37(New 10K PR), 6:47, 6:54(little climb here, at top I remember this was where legs started to hurt) 6:52, 6:51

Miles 11 – 13.1 only significant climbs on the course in these miles.  Saw my dad right before mile 11 was was a great boost!! The climb behind the mall looks daunting; but pump the arms and lift the knees and you get up it quick. Last stretch to finish line is on an incline as well.

6:45 (took ½ Gel to get ready for climb) 7:04 (Hill), 6:49, 6:09 


6:47 avg pace

173 avg HR

**Didn’t end up taking in any liquids… I was worried if I slowed to drink I’d have a hard time getting back into the pace I was running.  It was cool enough and I had taken Hammer Electrolytes tables the week prior 

After the race I saw Hillary and talked to her for a minute. 
Super freaking nice person and full of energy – love that!

Couple race details:
-         They ran out of small shirts so I’d hit the expo early.
-         Take one of the last buses so you are not waiting around for so long
-         Awesome volunteers!  
-         Not huge support on the course from the public if that is your sort of thing… it is beautiful though
-         Bit of a traffic mess after the race...police were unsure which roads were closed/etc… I wouldn’t park at the school
-         Take the drive to the top of Mt Lemmon… beautiful up there!

The body and mind continues to amaze me and I plan on continuing to push it!!!! 

Already 22 weeks out from STG 70.3!!!


  1. YAY huge congrats on your PR!!!
    do you race with a HRM? if not, dang you are so in touch with your body to know which HR level you are in!
    and I would also like the secret to your guns? swimming? you've built some beautifully buff arms!
    I hope you're feeling great post-half!!
    I'm excited to cheer for you on your way to a 70.3 PR!!!

    1. I do race with a HRM. I use to hate it... but I love all the data to analyze!

      Just trying to take mimic your sick guns ;)

  2. Sub 1:30 for a half is smokin fast, congrats! When you do a half that fast, you might be able to skip the nutrition all together as long as you are fully topped off before the race. Might save you another 15 seconds and potential GI issues.

    Congrats again, I can't imagine even being Ble to run that fast.

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  3. You are rad, way to follow through with your big goals. You've really gotten strong this year, I want to know how to gain so much speed so quickly

    1. WELL.. when you are already a speedy as shit like you, you do not gain quite as quickly:)

  4. Wow! What a great race ~ Congratulations!! :)

  5. Ah! Christie!! You are smoking!! I can't believe how much and how fast you are still improving. What a fantastic race and new PR.

    Interesting about the nutrition.. I followed a similar pattern with my last half (over a year ago now!) and I think I drank just a little.

    Can't wait to see what you do in the next race!!

    1. Thanks again Raina for all your support. Means a ton to me.

  6. yeeeee! way to PR sister!!! i too am in awe at how well your year has gone as well as how quickly your have gained speed-----and you are still getting faster every race!!!!!
    i want to know your secret!
    looking forward to following you along to 70.3!!!!

  7. Perfect pacing (and a 10K PR along the way!) Congrats!!!

    1. Thanks again Jake for your help and advice along the way!!

  8. You should get "Zombie" into running. And she could teach you to smoke weed! That would help you with the after-run pain-management.

  9. You're "cooking". I think you are faster than I was even when I ran everyday. I never raced, so don't know what I would have done. Typical course was 8.5 miles with hills and traffic lights that came out to a 8 min mile pace. But that was just a fun run. The 20 mile course was at 9 min miles with traffic lights & hills. No idea how that would be in a competition. I liked to "run for fun" vs compete.

  10. Okay....christy I want to know how you went from a 1:49 to 1:28 so fast? Help! mygoal is sub 1:30 this year!