Monday, June 10, 2013

Ironman Boise 70.3 Race Report

Ironman Boise 70.3 
3/47 ag     18/376 female      119/1278 overall

Fun weekend in Boise, Idaho.  Of all my races, I can hands down say I learned the most from this 70.3 with the help a few speed bumps!  Went into this event to gain more racing experience and really wanting to inch my way closer to those pro women times! The sub 5 just wasn't in the cards for me today.

Instead of staying in a hotel, we rented a home which I highly recommend.  It ended up being cheaper than a hotel room, more space (especially for Rocky), kitchen to cook pre-race meal, not so much commotion, etc. etc.  My dad and his girlfriend were great to follow me around all weekend and so supportive!!!    

The day before I rode part of the course to make sure all was well with Rocky and then headed up to the transition area to drop my bike off. (I recommend dropping your bike off the night before so you don't have to carry it up a long dirt trail the next morning).  I always spin through the gears in transition to make sure everything is working properly and noticed my back breaks were locked up?! What.  There was no tech help available until the next morning, so a volunteer suggested I take it to the bike shop, Georges.  Good thing I did.  The tech's were awesome and quickly rewired the back break system for me!   

Between the bike situation, the heat, & the wind, I was getting a bit discouraged.  Being a bit of a control freak, these speed bumps were getting to me.  Had a little pep talk with T who reminded me to focus on the things I can control.  Everyone had to race in the heat and everyone had to deal with the wind so basically... stop being a baby & man up! :) 

Morning of the race was beautiful (this would be the perfect race if they would start it in the morning, just sayin’). I tried to sleep in as much as I could.  Had oatmeal and coffee when I woke up.  With the noon race start, I ate a Powerbar and ½ banana about 3 hours before the start.  Drank about 32ounces leading up to the race.

SWIM – 37:50 
I was in the 11th wave and it started to get hot waiting for our turn.  By the time we got into the water, the 60 degree temp felt great.  The water was choppier than St George but I was able to hang onto the feet of the lead group of girls in my wave until the turn around and then lost them.  The entire time I thought I was swimming faster than St George but ended up slower. 10th out of the water.

T1 – 2:32

BIKE – 2:45.28

At the race briefing they warned us, at the start of the bike course there are 2 speed bumps, make sure to go slow over them.  Typical Christie to not listen, I rode over them like a bat out of hell and out fell both my water bottles. #1 thing of the day I could control with this heat was my hydration, so losing my water caused a huge mental block… not good at the very start of the race.  Looked down and saw the ‘BTM/Focus’ sticker on my bike, had a little pep talk with myself and got back in the game.  First aid station was around mile 16, which was a little over 90 minutes from the start… I can not tell you how great that water tasted when I arrived. Throughout the rest of the ride I poured water on my kit to keep my body temp down.    

In my opinion, there are no significant climbs on this course, but the headwind and heat caused it to be more difficult than St George.  I stayed down in aero and pushed through it, talking to myself (out loud like a crazy person) the entire way.  Moved to 3rd position by the end of the bike.    

T2- 1:29

RUN – 1:43

Right out of transition, my body felt hot but my legs were turning over just fine and I was feeling good.  Boise’s run course is ideal to have the perfect run.  I should have had the perfect run.  My plan was to hold 7-7:20’s the first 10K, and then sub 7’s to finish the race.  

I hit mile 4 and my body was hot & would not push.  My legs felt fine and were turning over, stomach felt great, my body just was not responding.  Said my mantras over and over but nothing... and my pace continued to slow each mile. 

Aid stations was water over my head, sip of Cola, ice down the shirt and held ice cubes in my hands until they melted.  Finishing shoot was great with lots of support cheering you on the last 1/2 mile.  They had a huge ice bath tub at the finish line and I jumped right in!   

I learned a lot during this race to implement going forward.  I am so happy to have placed in my age group on a tough day. I am very thankful for a supportive dad and coach and friends.  AND I am ready to kick it up a notch and freaking perform like I should... no speed bumps are going to stop me :) !!!!!

and meeting Heather Jackson just might have made my day.....

Tradition post race fuel..... SASHIMI


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    It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

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  2. Wow you are seriously awesome and I'm so happy for you. When I saw the photos on facebook I was already highly impressed let alone reading the race recap. Anyways, sorry to hear the sub 5 hours was not in the cards but this is pretty gosh darn awesome!

    I can't imagine how hot it was there and I totally understand about mental blocks. Glad the hyrdration was not a huge issue and god knows I would have flipped a road bike 9
    if that is possible) going over them LOL.

  3. It's all about the long bumpy and rewarding ride! You are a superstar!

  4. It's all about the long bumpy and rewarding ride! You are a superstar!

  5. Well done, I think that's an amazing result! I've only done a couple of tiny sprint tri's and getting off the bike and trying to run is TOUGH! Nice job!

  6. I love races that you learn from. It's always easy to look back and say this is what I should've done to get through this part. You are an animal my friend and it's always fun to watch you. I was following you on tracker and yelling at my computer when you were dropping positions from 11th to third. I'm serious when I say Pro status is near.