Friday, July 5, 2013

DinoTri Race Recap

DinoLand Tri - 1:17:33 (1 AG, 2 Female, 4 Overall)

This past weekend I drove to Vernal for the DinoTri.  This is my new favorite short distance race. 

Great venue (who knew Vernal was pretty?), honest course and organized as well as an IM event.  I was nervous traveling by myself, but the race directors were so helpful; they personally took extra time going over how to find the different transition areas with me. Oh – and the prizes are freaking awesome... cash prizes for overall winners, fun rock plate awards, and differed bonus prizes like 'beat the race director' and 'King/Queen of the Hill'.  

We were bussed up to Red Fleet Lake. Gorgeous area for the race start.  Warmed up with a jog and short swim. **Typically I take a GU right before the start and I forgot one this time

Swim 15:51
I positioned myself very front and center at the swim start.  Swim was going perfect, until I noticed I wasn’t swimming with anyone… stopped and looked up and saw the start line buoy! Freak – missed the turn, swam back to the loading ramp completely frustrated. 

T2 2:10 
Up the boat ramp running pissed. Chip timer came off when I took my wetsuit off.

Bike 38:01 
The bike is where things turned around.  Awesome bike course including some climbing, a steep descend, then rolling hills to the finish.  Right out of the bike you start the 2 mile climb. LOVED it. I was so angry with my swim that I just powered up the hill.

T2 :34

Run 20:55  
Leaving transition I could hear a girl right off my shoulder.  She was breathing very hard so I just focused on keeping my breath calm and fast turn over. You turn 3 times on the course so you could see your competition very well.  Felt strong, didn’t break 20 though! I still need to figure out how to make my legs move fast off the bike!

Fun day! I highly recommend this race... I will definitely be back next year.


  1. Awesome race! Bummer about the swim but you crushed the bike and run.

  2. Speedy!!! Great practice race!!!

  3. I'm really sorry to hear about the open water swim. You did awesome though in everything else. Hearing people breath is honestly one of my biggest skeeves with running. I hate hate hate hearing people breath.