Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ironman St George 70.3

Ironman St George 70.3

5:00:23, 33 Female, 8th Amateur, 3rd AG and a PR  :)  

Leading up to my first HIM of 2014 did not go exactly... smooth.  The first few months of the year I was injured, which does not translate to an ideal race build up.  Good thing I have an awesome coach who helped me focus on the things I could do and once healed, we were able to get in some solid training.   

I was able to spend a few weekends doing some course specific training

I ran up and down some hills a time or two

Added in some heat acclimatization

and quickly... MAY 3rd was here!


35:02 Swim Sand Hollow was beautiful race morning.  Mother Nature was playing nice and held off on the crazy winds.  

Typical Christie tripped over a rock getting into the lake which added in some 'fun' for the day :) My little trip threw me off a bit at the start, but I was not about to let that ruin my race!


As soon as I put on my cycling shoes I felt my foot and negative thoughts filled my head... 'maybe this was not going to be my day.'  I was already bummed about my swim time BUT I had a little MAN the freak UP talk with myself and with that I was back in the zone.

I love this bike course.  Hilly.  Fun Descends. Not many sharp turns. I was able to see my Dad and Janice 6 times!!! Best part = Snow Canyon.... Gorgeous & upupUP'ness!   

Run 1:37 I REALLY wanted to hit this run smart.  Last year after mile 3, the entire run flat out sucked and I did not want that to happen again.  Goal was to take it easy climbing up to the top of mile 3, then progressively pick it up.  Climbing up to the top of mile 3, after hammering it out on the bike just flat out HURTS fyi :)

Once I hit the top of mile three, I let my leg turn over pick up, I started focusing in on individual people to pass and consciously keep the effort 'comfortably hard' until I got back to the top of mile 8.  

I had several out-loud conversations with myself when the heat, or the foot, or fatigue started to get to me.   

The last 3 miles was a super close race with the #2 girl who ended up finishing 15 seconds ahead! Mile 11, a guy named Lech, came up super supportive and we ended up running stride for stride together until the finish line.  Those last two miles hurt, but at the same time I felt good.... I was SO happy to be finishing this race strong and fast!!!


I had a realization after this race.  The past year'ish, I have really found myself disappointed in my racing and pretty frustrated in myself with results.  It is a huge goal of mine to race on the elite level in triathlon.  It is my 'BIG' goal and I have allowed my mindset to be solely focused on achieving it.  Typically, that disappointment would have followed this race.  I wouldn't have let myself enjoy that I PR'd, on a tough course, in hot weather, with a broken toe, by almost 5 minutes!

So the realization - working your ass off, and being dedicated, and driven, and focused is all necessary if you want to achieve big things.  But just because you are a hard worker, just because you are dedicated and driven and focused does not exempt you from being PATIENT TO THE PROCESS.  I think too often we get SO focused in on our big dreams that we forget things happen in stages.  We forget that those stages include both failures AND victories.  I think it is important to stay focused...relentless...have that inner fire burning - BUT take a minute to recognize those small steps. Throw your hands up in the air and appreciate and celebrate the small victories and the fact that you are progressing!  So... all that rambling said, before I get all Gung-ho on my 'BIG' goal again, I am allowing myself to celebrate and be proud of this small victory.

...and that feels good! :)

SO freaking thankful for the supportive people I have in my life!! Especially that Dad of mine... he kind-of rocks!  I couldn't be more grateful to work with the most awesome coach!  And to top it off, I feel so lucky to be on a a team representing ZOOT this year.  Next up.... KANSAS --->>> I am coming for you!  


  1. Your beanies are so cute!!!! You had a fantastic race that focused on execution and you nailed it....allowing for bigger and better things in the future!! Keep ticking away.....Proud of you!


  2. Awesome race! Congrats on the PR and building more mental toughness.