Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mont Tremblant Worlds 70.3 Race Report

Ironman 70.3 Mont Tremblant
Worlds Championship

Ever since my race in Kansas, focus switched from half to full distance training - so, going into Worlds I knew this was not my 'A' Race.  I did still have high performance expectations - duh :) - BUT I really wanted to just enjoy the experience.  Which I did!

Mont Tremblant was a fantastic venue and the community as a whole put on a freaking awesome event!  The village itself is gorgeous... had a small, quaint feel.  Reminded me of Europe.

Being the championships, the air was filled with excitement from people all around the world.  I do not remember there being so many from outside of the U.S. last year at Vegas.  Speaking of Vegas, Mont Tremblant outdid Vegas hands down!  From the moment we arrived at the airport, you could tell the that entire community fully embraced Ironman.

Pre-race fun....


Well... I didn't execute the race that I know I could have.  Trying to analyze why I fell apart on the run, I immediately thought I pushed the bike too hard.  The 'numbers' say I stayed within my 'limits.' - I know what numbers I have been producing in training, so together T and I put together a race plan that should have allowed me to run a solid 13.1 off the bike.

All the analyzing (because I can not make my brain resist) has been done.  Lessons have been learned.  And now, a reflection on the good stuff :)


Woke up early, had my first breakfast. They gave us tattoos for this race... felt pretty cool :) :) :)

We drove to the start early to get a good parking spot then rested for about an hour in the car.  This worked out perfect.  It was nice to have a warm vehicle to sit in close to the race start.

Seamless transition set-up, then walked our way to the swim start.  Everything was insanely beautiful!  

They had an opening ceremony with Fighter Jets and fireworks sending off each wave... pretty impressive!! 

My dad and I stood by the water edge until it was about 20 minutes before my go time.  I got in and did my warm up, had my GU, then jumped in line.  


Best swim I have had this year.  Still quite a bit slower than I expected.  The girls were very aggressive!!! The entire swim was a boxing match.  I need to find my inner tiger during the swim.

Exited in 64th place... feeling good and ready to catch me some ladies!!

Transition 1

1/2 mile jaunt to the bike gear tent, then off to find Rocky.  This went smooth and I was happy they had a carpet out for us to run on.


Favorite part of the day!  Temperature was nice and cool.  Course was challenging and included some good climbing sections.  There were several officials out today but that did not seem to stop the crazy drafting going on. Especially the men... huge groups of pelotons.

Headwind on our way out towards the first turn around.  After the first turn around things seemed to clear up and not as much back-and-forth to stay out of the red card zone.

The last section of this course is a nice climb!  I felt solid, focused, and in the zone. I ended up catching 37 women, moving my way up to 27th.  

Transition 2 

Bike catchers are awesome! Quick change of shoes and I was off.  Ready to do my thing!  


The 2-loop course consisted of short, punchy ups and downs making it tough for me to find a groove. On the second loop my pace continued to slow... and I sorta lost it.  I've never had stomach issues during a 70.3 before and they showed up today.  So unexpected that I did not even wait for a portapotty...  A shrub was good enough!

Could not get my pace to pick up during that second loop and was getting super defeated getting passed.

(Australian ladies, you totally rocked the run today!!!)

The last climb up the cobblestone in the village is brutally mean. I refused... like HELL NO Christie You will NOT walk up this bad boy.  It helped that there were TONS of spectators lining each side.

I saw 2 girls up ahead and made it my goal to catch them... which I did.  (one positive of my run :D)

So much talent out there today.  

Top girls in my age group killed it.  I finished this race completely inspired by the strong athletes I had the opportunity to race with!!

Post Race

The next morning I woke up to this...

Easy swim in complete silence as the sun rose. Perfect!

...Side note for those traveling internationally

'Report to Passport Control'

Apparently Boarder Control does not think it is funny to make silly faces in the immigration/customs photo line.  And what they do not like even more is traveling on a passport that I guess I reported lost a few years ago! :):)

We made it home safe though!

... IRONMAN Tahoe is on deck for this weekend.