Friday, June 3, 2011

Dear Running Gods – phantom miracle

I have always been one to preach ‘mind over matter - no pain no gain’.  I believe having the aptitude to push through mental hurdles makes you a better runner and a more confident person.  Runners are not complacent people.  We are not stagnant.  We are motivated, obsessive, perfectionists, habitual, and we most certainly don’t through in the towel.  Whatever the race or goal may be, we like to win. And when I say win - win against ourselves, competing against our biggest critic. 

And once we win, once we beat our PR, we instantaneously set a new goal.  We PUSH ourselves.  We want MORE and we want it NOW.  The difference between us and the typical entitlement generation is that we realize we are not entitled to success; we push ourselves to any limit to cross that finish line.  We push ourselves because we like the pain… the anguish of taking us to that next level which takes our breath way.  That gasping breath is all worth the pain… it is worth almost ‘anything’.  

Is ANYTHING worth ‘crossing the limits?’

All this rambling gibberish is the results from the crazy thoughts swarming in my head.  You’ll see from my log below, I hurt myself on Tuesdays run.  Not the first time my hip’s acted up.  Being too stubborn to let it fully hill; I continue to push it… continue to cross those limits.  I have such a difficult time deciphering between ‘good’ pain and ‘bad’ pain.   Pain comes in all forms… muscle pulls, blisters, runner’s knee, stress fractures, shin splints and once the damage is done we have only a couple options… stop (unacceptable in my eyes), anesthetize, ride it out, ignore it, or PUSH through it.  I want to be able to command my body to perform no matter what kind of pain I am in.  Being a control freak; it drives me crazy that I can not control THIS pain.  My mind tells me only the ‘top’ runners have the desire, the determination, and the willingness to push themselves past this pain.  How do I know when it is not a rational decision to puushhhhhh?   

SO - out to all the Running Gods… Make this a HILLED WOUND… let is serve as just a remembrance of crossing the wrong limit, remind me what to avoid in the future; but PLEASE let this pain go phantom.  I am training for my first marathon, PLEASE!   

Sometimes I think I will just have to learn over and over and over again….

May 28      10K Race
May 29      Rest/ Stretch – Foam Roller
May 30      25 Minute Lap Swimming
May 31       5.13 Mile Run>>HURT = (
June 1         Stretching = (
June 2        Stretching: 30 Minute Lap Swim = (    
June 3        30 Minute Upper Body Circuit with Abs, 30 Minute Lap Swim = (

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