Thursday, June 30, 2011

Week 1

Week 1/14
  • 3.11 Mile Run
  • 30 Minutes Weights
  • 15 Minutes Abs/Stretching/Foam Roller
  • 30 Minute Lap Swim
  • 5.16 Mile Run
  • 10 Minutes Stretch/Foam
  • 20 Minutes Lap Swim
Wednesday (Had a very LITTLE bit of pain in the hip so I went with no running today)
  • 25 Minute 15%incline speed walk
  • 45 Minutes Weights
  • 10 Minutes Stretch/Foam
  • 1.2 Mile Lap Swim (Felt AAAmazing :D )
  • 6.3 Mile Run
  • 10 Minute Stretch/Foam
  • 30 Minute Lap Swim
Friday - REST
Saturday - Schedule 11 Miler
Sunday - 'Cross Train' I will be in Lake Powell (AKA most amazing place on earth) so my cross training will be Water Skiing!

It feels unbelievably good to be back running.  Although this whole week my mind was challenging me to increase my mileage... my head told me a slow build up is a whole hell of a lot better than getting injured, AGAIN.  

My favorite stretch after a run>>>>
What consistent stretching do you do to prevent injuries?

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  1. OOh man that stretch looks like it feels so good.
    Have a great weekend!