Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Work Stress & Last week Recap

I have been crazy busy at work the last 2 weeks!!
Ahhh....Stress makes workouts even more enjoyable though :)

Today during my lunch break, this random man came up and asked me if I raced Triathlon.  Now, lets just say I lack in the confidence department, so this made my FREAKING day. :D I know I am FAR from looking like a hard core athlete but I am getting rid of that scrawny looking body - I am starting to look STRONG.  

Anyways - I might have found me someone to do some long cycling rides with on the weekends.  He is lives about a hour out of town; but travels to my area every so often.  

Last weeks workouts: 12.35 Hours
- We have 1 more week of prep work before we up the ante to train for SLC 26.2 and Lake Stevens 70.3
- I've noticed most improvement and increased in comfort in swimming over the past 2 weeks.
- Still running painFREE.  We are going to keep the miles/pace low for 1 more week to make sure my hip is all the way healed. Then increase mileage here I come:)
- Lastly, I freaking LOVE Teresa. She has 100% exceeding what I was hoping out of a coach. (The only thing I wish, is that I lived closer so she could kick my ass in person:D)


  1. That's really cool someone asked you if you were a triathlete! Yeah for the running pain free too!

  2. Amazing, amazing work!!! I know how you feel about having a scrawny body- so do I. Could be worse though! That's great that you are running SLC! I loved the half last year and would live to run the full.

  3. You are doing so great and your patience is paying off!!! Bring on the next block of training. Whoop!


  4. Woohoo for running pain-free! Let me know how the Graston stuff went, I've always been curious about it...

  5. what an awesome compliment to get!!! you are rocking this training!

  6. ahhh I loveee running after work when I am super stressed...I can seriously feel the tension melt away!
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!
    I'm excited for you and the SLC marathon!

  7. Soooo happy to hear you had a solid week of pain-free running! Hope the hip keeps being strong, girl!!

  8. heck ya...power to strong runners!! i get flack all the time because, ya it doesn't look like my scrawny arms can do much, but i'm stronger than i appear. :)

    great week of training...keep it up! :)

  9. You are really putting in some solid training, keep it up! I am so glad you found my blog, because I am going to enjoy following yours'. Oh, and I graduated with a BS in Economics too, very cool!