Monday, May 21, 2012

Women of Steel Sprint Tri Race Recap


- Hour drive to the start 
- Coffee, Cliff Bar, 1/2 a Power aid Zero

Once I set up transition I warmed up:

20 min bike w/ spin ups and 10 min run/jog with strides

The swim was the most frustrating part of the race for me. 90% of the time I was either stuck in-between people or being hit in the head... I definitely got whacked more here than open water. Self seeded with the '5:45' group but only ended up with a  2:12 pace which I know I could have hit faster if I started further up. 

-Start up further in line!!
-50 meter and outside pools are my new favorite

Coming out of the water I felt great.
-Pulled on short
-Shoes (decided to go without socks which I liked)
-Helmet and Glasses
2 loop course. First half of the bike is significant uphill... then you get a fast downhill the last half.  One section people were walking their bikes up the hill.   I really zoned in and powered up the hills.  Averaged 19.7mph

-Was planning on taking a gel on the bike as well as drinking water and for some reason I didn't do either. 


Newbie fail.  Couldn't find my spot to rack my bike!
- Bib
- Gel


Run felt wonderful.  The first portion of the run is up the same hill you start the bike loop on.  I was breathing hard but felt in control the whole time.  I think my splits were 7:28, 7:12, 6:54, XX??
- Garmin wouldn't go off of Bike mode so I just restarted it about .25 into the run
- Took 1 full gel at the start
- I don't think I pushed myself hard enough on the run... The end came quicker than I expected and I had energy at the end for more of a kick

 Cool Down 15 min run/jog

Overall Time 1:10:45
AG 2/83
Overall 12/693 

- I didn't ever feel that good 'hurt' so I think I could have pushed myself a lot harder.
- I need to figure out my multisport option on my Garmin and HR monitor.  HR info didn't record and everything recorded in Bike mode?

This was a wonderful event.  I am an organization freak and really appreciate when you can tell much thought has gone into the organization of a race.   


  1. You crushed race! 2nd out of 83 is a huge AG and 12th overall is amazing! I'm impressed.

    IMHO you probably could have skipped the gel in transition assuming you had a decent breakfast.

  2. Woah!!! Speedy McSpeedster! Way to go. I don't understand swimming, but the bike and run were SUPER fast. Totally impressed.

  3. Wow - 2nd in AG? That is incredible!

    This is a great race report. You ought to be proud of yourself. Way to go!

  4. GREAT job! I thought that swim would be a crazy cluster. But, you still did amazing!


  5. Regarding your question on my blog, I'm doing the Door County Wisconsin HIM July 22nd.

  6. I definitely agree with you that it's tough to get into the pain-zone while racing a sprint Tri because each distance raced is short (i feel like by the time i get into the bike it's time to RUN!) I've learned to go balls-out at the very beginning because you won't die! :)
    my favorite part of a TRI is the very beginning in the water when everyone is jockey-ing for the lead position, so fun and intense!
    I've never raced a Tri with my Garmin, I wouldn't know how to switch it around either
    I hope you've been having a great weekend!

  7. Congratulations on a job well done!!!!

  8. Woohoo, you crushed your competition! Well done, lady - smiling big for you!!!! :)

  9. OMG CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

    You are so freakin' speedy! Proud of ya, girl!!