Saturday, June 2, 2012

Things I am Loving & Flying Solo

Brooks Visor
  • Visors – Hate running in hats because they make my head feel about 100.948 degrees... but visors are working great. 
  • Hill Repeats – FAVORITE workout
  • Ironman Perform – Usually I don't like powders because they taste/smell like vitamins which makes me want to puke.  But this is light enough that it doesn’t bother my stomach while running/biking

  • Kinvara 3’s/ Brooks Pureconnect – The 3's feel about the same as the 2’s… maybe a little more cushioning.  Pureconnects are perfect for shorter runs or speed work.   

    Anyone else love the Kindle 'highlights review' feature?

  • Chrissie Wellington's Book – Have read it twice since it came out on the kindle in May… pretty much highlighted the WHOLE book.  Those with Type 'A' personalities or people who've battled an ED, this is a great read - even if you are not a triathlete. You'll find yourself saying 'that's exactly how I think' throughout the entire book. 
  • No Yoga – Coach T had me stop for awhile… I didn't want to at first :D, but I listened, and so far so good! Could this have been the injury culprit?
  • Greys Anatomy (lame, right?)
  •  Volatile stalk market = good for traders :)

3 thing I am not liking
  • Ladies treading water while having gossip time IN my lane during lap swimming hours - and me not having the balls to tell them to MOVE!  (splashing their well done hair and make-up faces seems to work though:D)
  • Kids in general… But kids playing during lap swimming hours – umm… Life guard, kick them out!

  • Deceitful, non-trusting people……who needs anyone anyways? 
Find myself always going back to...

Lake Stevens 70.3 in 43 Days


  1. Agree. No commitments and no users.
    An Interesting definition:
    Satanism is a religion that puts the self above all else. It is a tool to implement to attain personal goals, leading to success and happiness.

    We are members, whether we think so or not.

  2. I need to read that book by Chrissie. Every time I see her on TV she seems so real and down to earth.

    6 weeks until Lake Stevens! What is your nutrition plan?

  3. Hi, Christie!

    I've been lurking for a little while. Funny you mention the Kinvaras because I've been debating a shoe for speed work on the track and I really want a lightweight shoe. I am curious as to whether or not you have a high arch. There are tons of articles and shoe recommendations for people who overpronate, but for those of us who actually supinate (or underpronate, depending on who is writing the sports articles), not so much. If you have high arches and like the Kinvaras, I'll be that much closer to grabbing the discounted 2s. Thanks!

  4. im glad you said that about visors. im planning on running UV marathon as a training run this weekend so i know i will be out there later in the heat than normal and was thinking i should wear a hat? but i dont want to be even hotter. haha. love what you said about being independent. sounds like we have a lot in common and share a lot of the same views;) cant believe your 70.3 is so close!!!! amazing dear friend!!

  5. For me the Kinvaras work great for everything:) I do have moderately high arches and they have enough support while still being super light so you don't feel like your legs are being dragged down. If you are looking for just a good speed work shoe I would really look into the Brooks Pure Connect. SUPER light weight, flexible, and quick. Those shoes have an awesome arch support (probably even better than the Kinvaras) which I really like. Hope that helps :)

  6. Thanks so much! You are very sweet to answer my (possibly invasive) question, and I appreciate your recommendation!

  7. I totally stole the photo. I loooooooove that!

    I have that visor. I wear it at every race. It's awesome.

    Happy Thursday!

  8. I am also a big visor wearer when I run! Hats make me tooo hot.

    Are you a trader?? That's what Tappan does!

  9. Before my current job I was a trader for Fidelity. Now I just trade for my own accounts and help a few people out:) What company does Tappan work for?

  10. I hear you on visors over hats!
    What injury were you dealing with? Glad you are working with someone & seem to be healing it.

  11. very inspiring post girlie!
    I know you will ROCK Lake Stevens!
    I hope you've been having a great weekend!

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