Monday, October 31, 2011

Recap and Goals

Hit 50 Miles running for the week and it felt wonderful.  Between the increase in protein, compression socks, and rotating the two pairs of new shoes, my legs have been recovering significantly quicker. 

-Run 8.05 Miles
-Bike 40 Minutes
-Swim 1/2 Mile
-Run 7.5 Miles
-Bike 25 Minutes
-Other 30 Minutes Upper Body Weights and Abs
-Run 8.4 Miles
-Bike 40 Minutes
-Run 10.03 Miles
-Swim1 Mile
-Bike 55 Minutes
-Run 16.2 Miles

-Bike 90 Minutes >>> This was supposed to be a 2.5 Hour bike ride but I didn't get home from work until 1am the night before and was exhausted.

**I slacked off on swimming and biking - I will pick back up on that this week.  I don't mind running when it is cold; but biking in the cold I hate.... I need to buy me a trainer for the bike.  Any suggestions on trainers you've purchased?    

For November I plan to focus on building a strong base of 50-60 miles/week for my running - no actual speed work until December.  I also want to focus on putting in time on my bike.   

Upcoming plans for the first part of 2012....
- Arizona Rock 'n' Roll Marathon (Jan 15)
- SLC Marathon (April 21) Try to BQ
- Boise 70.3 (June 9)???? I am still a little hesitant to register.  Am I ready for this?

Some of the 'official' photos from last weekends race:


  1. WOW! Thats a lot of miles! Boise is a fun one!!!! I ride on the Kinetic road machine (bright green). Cyclops is great too!


  2. Way to go for running 50 miles this past week!
    Glad to hear your recovery is going well. You have some great races to look forward to for 2012 :)

  3. you are rocking the running miles! so excited for you to run and dominate another marathon! love your race pics! you look so hard core!!

  4. girlll you look badass on that bike!! Um yes, I am all for the trainer in the winter. I have a good one in my basement, but I can't think what it is off the top of my head - I'll go take a look for you :).

    Love your training & racing plan so far! And thanks for the recovery tips - I'm needing some of those!

  5. LOVE THE are hardcore. Wahoo, congrats on 50 miles! Have you done SLC before? I loved it!! Do the half ironman, you are hardcore!

  6. nice mileage sister! and i think with how much you've been doing a 70.3 in June is totally doable.

  7. It makes me so excited to look at other people's training. It makes me happy for some reason - I guess because I know how great it feels to hit your goals. 50 miles in a week is great! It seems like you're feeling good eight now and I would go for the 70.3... Just make sure you stay healthy! Whenever I sign up for a race I end up getting injured. I have such bad luck!

  8. Woah- 50 miles!!!! I never even hit that in my peak marathon training. Your workouts are nuts! Good for you.

    To answer your question on my blog- The tops are the Nike Pro Gear. I live by the Tanger Outlets so I just go to the Nike Outlet and cross my fingers that they'll have a small on the clearance rack. I usually get pretty lucky. They are the BEST shirts! Perfect fit.

  9. What a week!!! I really love the first photo! You look great - so focused!

  10. Those are some impressive miles girl! Awesome work, you inspire me to want to do a tri!

  11. Build the Machine... INDEED. Just got caught up on your blog. You are amazing!

    Not sure I have the desire to do a TRI but you sure KICK butt at them! 3rd place? OMG. AMAZING. :)