Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekly Recap

Monday 55 Minutes Bike, 4.1 Mile Run
Tuesday 80 Minutes Bike, 1/2 Mile Run
Wednesday 55 Minutes Bike, 30 Minutes UB Weights
Thursday 95 Minutes Bike, 1 Mile Swim
Friday 50 Minutes Bike, 3/4 Mile Swim
Saturday (Tri Race Practice) 1/2 Mile Swim, 50 Minutes Bike, 4 Miles Run
Sunday  22.8 Mile FREAKING intense hike (More to come on the details/photos)

Friday I had to go to Provo for work, so this lovely girl, Janae, recommended this amazing store, Runners Corner while I was in the area. Utah Residence - Go here.  Staff is amazing. I learned an incredible amount of information (I.e. I was wearing 1 size too small and a new way to lace up my shoes so my toes have room to breath)  Most importantly I purchased some new kicks.  Guess who had a pain free run on Saturday??? THIS GIRL! I guess it pays not to be a cheap ass? :)  

Also purchase this BRIGHT jacket - No more car incidents for me.
Made a quick stop to Whole Foods to pick out some new protein bars...

 and Sunflower Seed Butter.


'Race Trial'.  Everything went really smooth other than a pretty slow transition from swim to bike.  I am really happy I practiced doing all three for this weekends race.  The best part of all, I still had a lot of energy when I finished. 
Notice the possible HIM list on my notepad?? :D
QUESTION: For your first Half Iron Man would you start with just a general HIM distance race or an actual HIM? For 2012 I cant decide if I want to race several marathons or train for a HIM... decisions, decisions.


  1. ahhhhh! next time you are here you need to say something so that we can get together! love the new shoes and so happy you were pain free. you had an incredible week and that hike sounds crazy!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sounds like a great training week indeed!you make me want to start training for another triathlon!!!
    great shoes and jacket btw!
    and i guess in regards to your 2012 training,see how your tri goes and then take it from there...

    you will do great no matter what!

  3. Wow, that hike sounds intense!! 22 miles is a lot of ground to cover! Congrats on a pain free run as well - that's the best feeling after struggling with injuries!

  4. The neon jacket was definitely a good choice! Love your new trainers. I've been going to a specialist running store for many years and it does make all the difference to run with the right shoe.

    whoo to being pain free this week.