Monday, November 14, 2011

Week 1 AZ & Birthday

I am approaching Marathon #2 a little differently.
  • Set weekly goal miles instead of day-by-day:  Last marathon training I would get frustrated with my plan – some days my legs just wanted to GO LONGER or do a different type of speed work than what my daily calendar had me planned for. So, this marathon I set weekly goal miles and the # of miles for my weekly long runs.  The rest of the days I can ‘do whatever’ my body is feeling.
  • My legs have really been responding well to taking a nice and easy bike ride after my long runs so I will continue this.
  • Cross training (swim/bike/weights/yoga specific), compression gear, and high amounts of protein has really helped me recover
  • Continue focusing on negative splits for ALL my runs
***I have to keep reminding myself to follow the set plan.  I always want to increase the mileage to fast and end up getting injured.  NOT this time. Accepting lower mileage is not being weak, it is smart.

Week 1:
Running Miles Goal           30 Miles with a 13 Mile LR
Actual                               34.8 Miles                          
Monday: 0.40 Mile Run warm up (Foot Pain), 20 Minutes Weights Legs + Abs
-Awesome Raina from Small Town Runner had told me to write my ABS’s with my foot to help with ankle pain.  I got RIGHT ON practicing my ABS’s while sitting at my desk and it has helped significantly.

Tuesday: 10.2 Mile Tempo Run, 40 Minutes Cycling, 30 Minutes Total Body Weights + Abs (Foot was slightly hurting until about mile 7)

Wednesday: 6.2 Mile Easy Run, 55 Minutes Cycling, ¾ Mile Swim

Thursday: Rest Day, ½ mile Swim

Friday: MY BIRTHDAY 15 Mile Run (Finished this run really strong… I wanted to continue but I had to get back to work)

Saturday: 60 Minutes Cycling Trainer  - Intervals

Sunday: 20 Minutes Cycling Trainer, 30 Minutes Ttl Body + Abs, 3 Mile Shakeout Run

Turned 25 years YOUNG this past Friday.

My birthday was great for me.  I am not your typical extroverted social bug so my day consisted of:

Productive day at work, nice long run, dinner on the couch watching Stossel and Cavuto, and most importantly…

My dad surprised me with THIS:


  1. Hey I saw your post over on our blog. Andrea's email is

    Great blog you have here... I'm gonna have to check it out in some more detail! One paragraph in, I already really like what you said about negative splits! That's the way to run! :-)

  2. Happy that trainer!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Christie!!
    Great training/workouts you've got here. I like how you finish your long runs with an easy recovery bike ride.

  4. Happy Birthday (on Friday!) Great workouts you have here as are an inspiration lady

  5. coolest birthday ever this year! Glad you had a great run on your day.

  6. Happy Birthday!! I hope your ankles are continuing to improve. Also- I like the scheduled MPW and Long Run, with flexibility in the middle. Great week of workouts!

  7. Happy Belated birthday!!! A nice relaxing bday is my preferred celebration too :)

    Flexibility is key to successful marathon training. Sounds like you're on the right path.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! and a great week of training! love it!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! your ideal birthday sounds like mine, lol, I'm a pretty laid-back quiet celebrator too :)

    As for the training, first I just have to say that there are so many recovery/injury prevention tips in this post that I'm SO glad you included - protein, post-run biking, compression, and the ABC's with the feet! so thank you!

    And yeah, accepting lower mileage is tough learned your lesson, right? :-D remember that more is not necessarily better right off the bat - focus on QUALITY workouts while your mileage is low, and then once you start increasing, things like negative splits and pacing will be second nature for you! :) keep us updated, I love reading about your training!

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON 11/11!!!!!

    Sticking to weekly predetermined training plans sounds very's easy to push it otherwise, but I have to remind myself that the point of each run is not to kill myself with overexertion, rather it's to achieve a long term goal.