Monday, November 7, 2011

Training Log & Winter Motivation

10 Mile Run, 40 Minute Bike, 30 Minutes Upper Body Weights + Abs
9.15 Mile Run
10.10 Mile Run, 3/4 Mile Swim, 20 Minutes Total Body Weights + Abs
11 Mile Run, 80 Minutes Bike
1/2 Mile Swim
60 Minutes Bike, 30 Minute Upper Body Weights + Abs

  • The last 2 weeks, all of my runs have been negative splits. Something I have really been trying to work on.
  • Biking and Swimming I slacked off on...whoopS 
  • I have felt constantly hungry ALL week long. - Driving me crazy.
  • Didn't get my long run in this week.  After Fridays run I started to feel a little pain in my left ankle.  (What exercises do you do to strengthen your ankles?) I decided it was better to rest it the rest of the week instead of make anything worse. Plus I wanted to be fresh and strong because.... 
Today I start my 10 week training plan for 
Rock N' Roll AZ =)

A little motivation to still get out there and BUILD YOUR MACHINES in this cold weather...
I figure people ski while it is snowing, so I sure as hell can run while its snowing too! =)


  1. another great week down in the training log!!!
    keep it up!
    you rock!!!!!!!!

  2. I've been out of blog world here for a bit but checking in today and WOW-YOU are kickin' it up! Nice work!!! Bring it AZ!

    Laughing at that NO Excuses picture! Too funny!

  3. Love the winter motivation you've collated! The second one is my fave :)
    Congrats on achieving negative splits in your runs. Great workout for the week.

    For my ankles the physio got me to practice standing on one foot, for about 60secs whilst watching TV on a pilates mat barefoot!

  4. Great workout week-- Even without the LR...keep an eye on the ankle.
    Maybe try writing the alphabet with your toes 2 times a day?
    Funny poster :)

  5. PS I heard the same thing about alternating two pairs of'll extend the life of BOTH of them!

  6. You are rockin the training lady! It's okay to be mad hungry all of the time, it's just your body telling you that you need more fuel :)

  7. Solid week as usual! :-D for your ankle, I'd recommend calf raises - a lot of ankle pain can actually be due to tight/weak calves - and also resistance band stuff! LOVE the motivation too, esp the first one lol! I actually love winter running, weird I know.

  8. Wowzers!! I would like to know how the hell you have time to fit this all in on one day??!!!: 10 Mile Run, 40 Minute Bike, 30 Minutes Upper Body Weights + Abs
    You atr crazy hard core girl! Bring it Az!!

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