Monday, August 22, 2011


 Weekly Recap:
Monday- 60min bike, 20min abs, 1 mile swim
Tuesday- 60min bike, 30min weights, 1/2mile swim
Wednesday- 90min bike, 3/4mile swim
Thursday- 60min bike, 3/4mile swim
Friday- 60min bike, 5 min Abs, 1 mile swim
Saturday- 60 min bike, 5min Abs
Sunday- REST

>>>Sneak peak at some new gear. I had a gift certificate that got me these goodies!! Reviews to come soon.  

I have decided that I WILL cross the St. George Marathon finish line.

Yes, my injury may prevent me from rocking this FIRST marathon
Yes, I will have to run A LOT slower than what I am capable of
Yes, I may have to walk a portion of the race

The past month I have been getting so down on myself for the lack of running; but yesterday I realized, there are so many races in my future... if I don't focus on healing now, those races too may be in question.  SO--- I will continue cross training like a CRAZY woman.  I will slowly start building up running miles.  I will TRY to stay positive.

I will have let go of the sub 4 expectation I had set for myself for 
St. George and just going to focus on finishing!!!   


  1. finishing is always more important than a time anyway. it means you accomplished something. i love that feeling of finishing. you CAN DO IT! :)

    i'm sorry you are dealing with an injury right now. i feel your pain.

    love the new gear! hope you enjoy it!


  2. GREAT cross training!!!!!
    i know all about feeling down and out due to injuries-been there,done that,yadda yadda...
    but it seems youve got a strong grasp of what you need to do to get better!
    keep up the positive attitude!

  3. I totally know what you're going through:( MY plan for my sub 3:20 first marathon fell to pieces b/c of external circumstances and stupid injuries...BUT just remember that this is your FIRST....there will be many more and I wish I had only expected myself to FINISH and not put such high expectations on myself. ENJOY the experience....all your work, yo uDESERVE to enjoy it! you are fantastic, super fit and you will heal. continue to pray for patience. It is HARD, I know:( hugs. xxx

  4. Wow I can't believe you got all that stuff with a gift certificate, so jealous....
    And you are right, we have SO many opportunities in the future to do more races. You will be better one day and you can one day have the race that you want to have!

  5. Great stuff you have there!
    Continue to keep up the positive attitude, you are doing great!

  6. Hi! What a fab week of workouts you have had :) Just found your blog and I look forward to following as you GET THAT SUB-4!

  7. girl your fitness is off the charts!! To be honest I think you can hold onto your time goal - you'll probably find that you'll come back to running even stronger and faster than before because your aerobic fitness is going to be so high. I'd wait till you actually run to make time judgements!

    When is your marathon planned? and wha'ts your injury? Cross train your heart out but take care of yourself too!!

    Are you a triathlete btw? you definitely could be with all the biking and swimming!

    Love reading about your workouts, you are a beast!!

  8. Your cross training workouts are awesome! Keep it up. I'm loving your attitude towards your upcoming race :)
    New workout gear, looks like you got a nice big haul of things.