Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 5 & 61

Week 5 'groin issues'
  • Monday 55 Min Weights, 1/2 Mile Swim
  • Tuesday  55 Min Weights, 3/4 Mile Swim, 5 Min Abs
  • Wednesday 30 Min Bike, 15 Min Elliptical, 10 Min Abs, Water Ski, Light Swimming
  • Thursday Water Ski, 1.5 Mile Swim(First OWS)
  • Friday Water Ski, 15 Min Water Jogging
  • Saturday Crandall Canyon 1/2 Marathon
  • Sunday REST
 (Stay Tuned for Race Report :D )
  • The 18th Prime Number is 61
  • 61 is the Chemical Element 'Promethium'
  • The code for international dial phone calls to Australia is 61 
  • The official length of an ice hockey rink must be no more than 61 meters. 
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's was selected as the 61st best love stories film

MOST importantly... 61 Days until Saint George Marathon

 After the whole pulled groin issue I stayed away from running for 9 days.  Swam all of those 9 days.  Ice Bathed for most of them.  Stretched. Foam Rolled. Stretched some more.  By this past Saturday I was feeling good.  No pain - so I decided to give my scheduled half marathon a 'GO'.  BAD IDEA FOLKS.  I am getting so nervous that I keep putting myself back further and further in my St George Marathon training.  61 days today is all I have left...Advice???


  1. get your groin checked out asap. there are many bones, muscles, tendons in that area that can cause issues. better safe than sorry!

  2. Nice work with all the swimming/cross training!

    Aw shoot, I wish I had some advice for your groin it a sharp pain when you push down on it?

    The sharp pain (when stepping on it) in my left hip/butt/groin area was what clued me in on my stress fracture. But I'm not exactly sure what yours feels like...fingers crossed that it's not a stress fracture!

    Stress fractures are annoying, can only be diagnosed by bone scan or MRI...(normal x-rays don't show anything.)

  3. I am absolutely FASCINATED by you, because of your hiking tab.

    I love hiking. Love it. Your list of hikes conquered and hikes "to do" is so perfect, I want to steal it! I hope to read more about your hikes. I'd love to hear more about the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim! It's a bummer that hike is only available in the hotter (none-snow) months, because I am afraid of GC in the summer (both for heat and tourism reasons).

    I also want to hear more about fruitarian-ism. Can't quite grasp what that is.

    (p.s. 3 cheers for the atheism and libertarian angle...I'm with you on both)