Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Week Recap:
  • Monday: 60Min Bike, 10Min Abs, 3/4Mile Swim
  • Tuesday: 60Min Bike, 30Min Weights, 1/2Mile Swim
  • Wednesday: 80Min Bike, 20Min Weights
  • Thursday: 60Min Bike, 1Mile Swim 
  • Friday: 90Min Bike, 1/2Mile Swim
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 60Min Bike
Why is it I still feel laZZzzzzy???

I stepped on the TM today to give my leg a try - No go.  (MAJOR THUMBS DOWN) The pain did not kill like it use to... but I could still feel it.  I know if I push it to soon I will be back to square one recovering.  Today will be the 16th day since I ran last and it feels like it has been months!!!!!!!!

St.George is in 7 weeks --- Do you it is unrealistic to be ready for it???

Making sure I get enough protein on a daily basis is a little bit of a struggle for me.  Committing to a Fruitarian Diet a protein supplement is necessary.  I have experimented with SO many different types of protein mixes until I found SYNTRAX Check out these stats on the product:

I have been drinking the Fuzzy Navel flavor which is YUMMY!  My sample pack with the other 13 flavors came in the mail this weekend:  Once I try all of the flavors I will do a review. 


  1. Well you are quite inspiring with those numbers.

    About your cliff sample back, any luck with the shot bloks?I have a whole box and never tried them. Keep it up!

  2. Injuries suck, best to be cautious tho. Keep that cross training going

  3. I live in St. George and will be doing the race too! If you do it, we should have a blogger get-together.

    From my experience, I always try to rush my body recovering and always make it worse. It only gets better after I stop stressing and pushing it to do things it doesn't want to do. Personally I think time is the cure for almost any injury.

    Keep your chin up - you'll make it through.

  4. So sorry to hear you're battling an injury. It's hard to tell if you'll be ready for 26.2. The x-training helps but there is no substitute really for a 20 mile training run. Be smart and don't go out foe the race only to be set back further. There are many other marathons-only one you, two of your legs. :)

  5. Even though you haven't been for a run. All the cross training your doing is awesome!

  6. ahhh GIRL I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND! no running for me makes me feel like my leg muscles are turning to JELLY ughhh so so frustrating but girl you did the right thing gettign off that will be back to yourself soon i promise!!

  7. Injuries suck! I hope you heal up soon! I love the stats on the syntrax, I am going to have to look into that! Look at all the flavors they have, i love that.

  8. Yuck on injuries but you are pulling out some great time on the bike! Surely hard to project whether you will be able to go by St. George or not. I hope so!!! I'm currently on day 6 of no running (not by choice) and my marathon is in 6 weeks. This stuff is just NOT fun to deal with. Best of luck to you!

  9. SO glad to connect with you! Miss Erosion.. what a great name! I'm sorry you're having pain with running.. how frustrating :( but damn, girl! You are making up for it by biking your butt off! Holy hell- good for you! I can't believe you'd ever feel lazy- but that's what injuries do to us :( keeping you in my thoughts for a quick recovery!