Monday, August 29, 2011


 So lets recap last week:::::

Monday: 2.4Mile Run, 60Min Bike, 3/4 Mile Swim
Tuesday: 5Mile Run, 60Min Bike, 20Min UBWeights, 1/2Mile Swim
Wednesday: 7.1Mile Run, 60Min Bike, 10Min Abs, 1/2Mile Swim
Thursday: 7Mile Run, 1/2Mile Swim
Friday: 60Min Bike, 20Min LBWeights
Saturday:12.2Mile Run
Sunday: 20Min UBWeights

Last Monday I decided to do a mini tester on the legs.  As the week progressed, I still felt great, so I slowly increased the miles.  Total mileage, not ideally where I would like to be in my training... BUT - SO SO SO happy to be running again.  It is pretty sad when people at work have already notice by my 'change in attitude' :D (Yes, I admit, I can be a hag when I cant run)

The past 25 days of no running have been filled with cross training - mostly focusing on biking and swimming.  I honestly think it has helped me so much.  I plan to continue this.  I really use to HATE diving into the pool or jumping on a bike... now I am more accustomed to it and liking it.  Even considering to try a TRI after my marathon. 

Have a FAN FREAKING TASTIC week everyone!!!


  1. Holy FREAKTASTIC week!!!!!!! Awesome!!!

  2. I think some of my past injuries have been a blessing in disguise - I've come back stronger every time. The cross training does wonders! Congrats on getting back out there though!! I'm so excited for you!

  3. congrats lady! that's an awesome feeling. been there, done that so i know how ecstatic you are. and i'm a total arsehole when not running too! def consider a tri. best thing i ever did.

  4. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so glad for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looks like your mileage is coming back so well - 12 miles! - I totally know what you mean about the mood pickup, I'd be walking around with a ridiculous grin on my face! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

  5. WAHOO! So happy you are running again!! I'm gonna kick this tendonitis to the curb and we're gonna kick major booty @ st. George! !!!

  6. Yay I am so happy you are running again!

  7. yeeeessss!! I'm so very excited for you :) I know how mentally taxing xtraining can be! keep those knees and legs happy :) I totally agree with the fact that NOT running can turn you/me into a hag (lol) I get so crabby and depressed but to know I'm not JUST a runner is a good reminder. injuries (of all degrees) are beneficial because it makes us appreciate our ability to run and let's us love it even more!


  8. Hooray for you running again!
    A Triathlon...that sounds great! I hope you do attempt this :)

  9. yyyaaaaayyyyy!!!! so glad you are able to get back out there and run again!
    steller week of running and xtraining btw!
    you should totally do a TRI!
    ohsnf thanks for your last few comments on my blog-to answer your questin about ab stuff-i generally try to work them about 4x per week-i do a lot of transverse work using the exercise ball-ie pikes offball,roll outs,etc...i also work my core by using the BOSU ball during regular workouts such as standing on BOSU while doing curls,or shoulder presses or overhead presses,kickbacks,even standing on it for cable rows orstraight arm lat pulldowns-really activates the core muscles.also do the standard weighthed crunches,russian twists,woodchops,planks and all that fun stuff-the list could go on but i try to get in at least 4-5 good exercises for abs every other day,working upper,lower,transveres and obliques...
    k. iv written a novel here-i do hope you have a safe and happy weekend!!!
    keep those pain free miles rolling in!

  10. YAY! so glad to read this! I can relate the smile on your face:) feels SO good to be running again here too:) I wish I had really taken to the eliptical or bike when I was injured but I didn't....I really SHOULD cross train. sigh....hope this week is great and you continue to grow that mileage! keep fightin' darlin'!! xx