Monday, December 26, 2011

Week Review & Shalane Flanagan

Week 7/10
Goal Miles and Goal LR 50/20
Actual Miles and Actual LR 0/0

Monday: 1 Mile Swim + 500 Meters Board Kicks, 2X15 Myrtle Routine, 60 Min P90X Arms and Chest + 90 Minutes P90X Yoga
Tuesday: 1 Mile Swim + 1X10Myrtle Routine
Wednesday: 1.2 Mile Swim+125Meters Board Kicks, 30Min Jillian Ab Blast, 2X15 Myrtle Routine + Perfect Pushups + 95Min P90X Yoga
Thursday: 60Min Bike Speed Trail Test - Hard effort + 1/2 Mile Swim + 1X15Myrtle Routine
Friday: 40Min Bike Intervals (5 wu, 30 intervals, 5 cd) + 1 Mile Swim + 300 Meters Kick board
Saturday: 90 Minute Bike - Cycled to the movie Atlas Shrugged: Whenever they said the words 'Metal, Money, Business, or Where Is John Gault' I would speed up to 10/10 effort until they said one of those words again, then take it down to 5/10 effort.  Fun way to watch the movie.
Sunday: Rest

I have felt significantly better the past 3 days.  I plan to attempt a run tomorrow.  IF all goes well... I hope I can get in that 20 miler this weekend.  
Would you still run the marathon without at least 1, 20 miler? 
I have 3 weeks... I really do not want my first DNS

I found this video on Shalane Flanagan's webpage: Great warm-up exercises and the last 1/2 of the video (Starting at 4:40) has some great cardio circuits & core strengthening to incorporate into your daily routines! Plus - watching her in the video is wicked motivation!
Sorry Kara, Shalane is my Favorite :D

Last week of 2011 - Make it a POSITIVE one!


  1. Great workouts this week! Good luck on the 20 miler. I hope your hip cooperates.

  2. To be honest, I wouldn't risk it. Just because of my experience with injuries, I tend to err on the side of caution. It's just there is more to your running career than this one race, and even though you invested money in the race it's just not worth it! The emotional factor is the hardest part to get over - but I missed 6 of my biggest races this year. You'll move on! I just reminded myself that I wouldn't be running a PR in my condition. You don't want to deal with the emotional pain of being hurt either.

    I'm sorry if that sounds so negative, but it's just my honest opinion! In the end it's really up to you, and I'll be (virtually) cheering for you either way!

  3. I just bookmarked that video, LOVEEE it.

    She's amazingly strong.

    Just listen to your body and see what it says about running the marathon. If you feel wonderful, then go for it!!

  4. And I did already get the bike, but I'm having anxiety over whether or not I got the right color...........oh white girl problems haha :)